The Fleet Advisory Board — Unlocking the Best in Our Fleet

September 20, 2018

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The Fleet Advisory Board — Unlocking the Best in Our Fleet

It’s no secret that the Postmates Fleet are the real deal.

Whether they’re bringing you a burrito and pedialyte to the office because yesterday’s happy hour escalated into happy night… or delivering you a much needed coffee an hour before your presentation, the Postmates Fleet has got your back.

They also have a wealth of knowledge about their local neighborhoods, merchant partners, and a shared passion for Postmates.

This is why we have created the Fleet Advisory Board (FAB): a new joint effort that taps into our top Postmates to improve the Fleet experience. The FAB will launch first in Los Angeles and San Francisco with plans to expand across other key markets in the future.

Consisting of a handful of our most experienced Postmates along with select members of Postmates HQ, the FAB will create localized content, host meet-ups, and help identify other learning and growth opportunities, all designed to help our Fleet maximize their days and profits both on and off the platform.

We look forward to introducing our founding members in the next few weeks — stay tuned.


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