The Local Influencer’s Guide to NYC

May 8, 2017

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The Local Influencer’s Guide to NYC

NYC is the city that never sleeps, filled with infinite dinning and shopping choices. And since Postmates delivers almost anything from anywhere — enabling business of all sizes to grow — it goes without saying that the possibilities for delivery in NYC can seem endless.

To give you a head start on the NY foodie & delivery scene, we decided to turn to the experts. We asked our NYC-based influencers to weigh in and help us curate a list of the must-try spots in NYC to postmate from.

1. Momofuku’s Fuku

Influencer’s Pick: @EggCanvas

When it comes to fried chicken, NYC-based Art Director Erica Choi leans on Momofuku Fuku. “My favorite place to postmate from is actually Fuku! I have a fried chicken obsession and it really hits the spot.”

Pro tip: Try the spicy fried chicken sandwich if you’re undecided!

2. Le Labo

Influencer’s Pick: @NoLeftovers

NY foodie Jackie Gebel without question loves postmating Sugarfish & Seamore’s… but when it comes to non-food, she recommends Le Labo. “Postmating perfumes from Le Labo is perfect for the last minute gift!”

Pro tip: In addition to perfume, Le Labo is well known for their candles.

3. by CHLOE.

Influencer’s Pick: @EatingNYC

NYC-based food blogger Alexa is the expert when it comes to curating a list of must-have NY dishes. But at the top of her list is by CHLOE. “When it comes to Postmates, you can’t go wrong with ordering from by CHLOE.”

Pro tip: Try the guac burger & sweet potato fries if you’re a vegan newbie.

4. La Palapa

Influencer’s Pick: @ManRepeller

The infamous MR influencer swears by the margaritas, guac, and fish tacos at one of our favorite NY joints: La Palapa. “The fish tacos taste like zesty grilled fluff rolled into an ocean of carefree gluten.”

Pro tip: Don’t overlook the brunch! We recommend Huevos a la Mexicana.

5. Luke’s Lobster

Influencer’s Pick: @DevourPower

As a couple who quit their jobs to eat & travel, @devourpower has sampled lobster rolls far and wide- but they keep coming back to Luke’s Lobster. “Luke’s Lobster is hands down our favorite place to postmate from.”

Pro tip: Stick to the tried and true lobster rolls when ordering Luke’s.