The Receipt: Cody Bellinger

What Belli Puts in His Belly.

The 2020 baseball season is one that will be remembered for two things: Stadiums full of cardboard cutouts and a championship run by the Dodgers.

Now that the 2021 season is underway, those cardboard fans are being replaced by real life, 3D fans (enjoying real life, 3D hot dogs) and those World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers? They’re on the path to victory once again.

Leading the charge to another championship is firstbaseman/outfielder/all-star/2019 National League MVP Cody Bellinger. At only 25 years old, Bellinger has quickly become a superstar. And while all of his awards, home runs, and legions of fans are quite impressive, so are his Postmates orders. It’s time to find out what Belli puts in his belly.

Bellinger’s very first Postmates order was placed on July 31, 2018. He ordered a LA classic: The Carol C. Special (one chicken breast and one waffle) from a local institution, Roscoe’s. It’s safe to say Roscoe’s hit it out of the park because he ordered the same exact thing again the next day.  Since then, Bellinger has ordered over 700 different menu items from over 100 restaurants in 16 cities around the country. 

Bellinger likes what he likes and doesn’t order a lot of things out of left field. His absolute favorite? Chipotle. It’s his most-ordered restaurant and he’s got his order down pat: A burrito bowl with double steak, white rice, sour cream, cheese, and fresh tomato salsa (plus chips and queso on the side).

When it comes to burgers, the Shack Burger from Shake Shack  reigns supreme for Bellinger. It’s his second most ordered item —he’s Postmated 25 of them!

But he’s also down to experiment. We saw he ordered a few Impossible burgers and were curious. Bellinger says they are a great way to eat plant-based because “It’s surprisingly really enjoyable and tastes the same.”

Opening day is huge for baseball fans, which is why Bellinger fueled up with a Panini El Diablo and Organic Green Tea Boba (his favorite) from Urth Caffe on July 23rd before his first game of the 2020 season. The Dodgers won 8-1, and we can’t help but think that the boba played just a little part in the victory and setting the tone for the season.

You know those crisp, white Dodgers uniforms? Bellinger knows better than to feast on something messy while wearing one. When we asked him about what food he would never eat  while in uniform, the answer was easy: Buffalo wings. They are a favorite that he’s ordered five times, but hey, when are there ever enough napkins for wings?

Bellinger’s been known to have multiple hits and homeruns in a single game, but did you know he also likes ordering food multiple times in a day? Take Halloween 2020. He was in Phoenix, AZ and Postmated three times. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1:35pm – Bacon Cheeseburger and large Cajun Fries from Five Guys
  • 1:45pm – Coconut Chia Pudding, Grinder, Cold Buster, and Kale + Quinoa from Original Chop Shop
  • 8:40pm – Yellowtail Scallion Roll, Yama Tataki Salad, Spicy Tuna Roll, Las Vegas Roll, Salmon, and Vegetable Roll from Yama Sushi House

There’s something else you need to know about Bellinger: The man truly loves fried chicken. And when it comes to the ‘chicken sandwich wars,’ he’s taken a side, telling us that his all-time favorite is the Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes (he’s ordered it seven times). 

But while he claims that’s his favorite, his ordering habits tell a different story. He’s actually ordered Chick-fil-A almost 20 times, but doesn’t have a go-to. Instead, he bounces all around the menu, having Postmated 15 different items from Chick-fil-a.

But it’s not all burgers and chicken sandwiches. Cody also loves sushi (like a lot). From spicy tuna to yellowtail, it’s one of his most-ordered foods. And those sushi nights go hard, accounting for two out of his top five most expensive overs (over-the-top pizza nights and a steak dinner fill in the rest of the list).

Bellinger has a healthy appetite, and of course he watches what he eats during the season. But the day after becoming a World Champion, he went right for the good stuff—froyo. Yup, he wanted nothing more than a tasty frozen treat after taking home the biggest title in baseball. On October 28th, 2020, Bellinger enjoyed a Banana Split topped with strawberries, carob chips, and blueberries from Whipp’d Los Angeles.

Last but not least, we had to ask Bellinger what he puts on his Dodger Dog. Hot dog purists, you might want to look away. Because Bellinger’s perfect dog only has one topping: Ketchup.

The Dodgers are on a run to become back-to-back champions, and now you’ll know a little secret about every time Belli hits one over the fences: A chicken sandwich made him do it.

Ready to eat like a champion? Order your favorites at just like Cody Bellinger.

To celebrate the release of The Receipt, Postmates has partnered with Dodgers Home Plates in LA to turn one of Bellinger’s favorite meals into a menu item. Enjoy your chicken and waffles just like Bellinger. Get tenders or wings paired with three homemade Belgian waffles along with maple syrup and Firehouse Hot Sauce, all served in a Dodgers helmet. The limited-time item (called ‘Hey Batter Batter’) is only available until April 18.

As part of his commitment to the community, Bellinger donated ‘Hey Batter Batter’ meals to everyone in the Glendale Fire Station.