The Texas DRINKS Guide

June 28, 2017

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The Texas DRINKS Guide

We know that nobody messes with Texas. And we’re not messing around, when we say we’re committed to bringing Texans a cold six-pack this summer. Starting today, we’re launching DRINKS in Houston, Dallas, and Austin — delivering beer in twenty five minutes or less!

Heading out to Lake Austin for the afternoon? Gearing up for tailgate season? Need to pair that breakfast burrito with something refreshing? Or simply keeping your cool at home with the AC cranked up? No matter how you’re spending those hot summer days, we’ll deliver your next Pale Ale, IPA, Hefeweizen, Guinness or Shiner Bock, wherever you may be!

And while we know that the Texas heat can be almost too hot to handle… we also know that just the right selection of beer can be all you need to beat the heat. So next time you find yourself on your friend’s patio or hosting a BBQ, elevate your beer game and postmate one of these must-have beers.

DRINKS: The Texas Guidebook

Another pack of Coors or Buds always does the trick, but should you want to level up your beer knowledge this summer or impress your friends by getting the hottest Texas IPA or Hefeweizen, delivered — here’s a quick cheat sheet.

Pale Ale

When it comes to pale ale, there is a wide variety of labels like Sierra Nevada, but all are generally gold colored and dry with a crisp hop flavor. Try it out if you’re looking to swap out your typical six-pack order.


Pilsners are pale, straw colored and crisp with medium body and more hops than traditional lager, but typically smooth and clean. This is the perfect beer to try if you’re looking to elevate your beer palate with friends.


As one of the most accessible types of wheat beer, Hefeweizen’s are often served with a lemon slice to cut the yeast flavor. Search the “imported beer” category if you’re looking to shake up your typical beer order.

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