Voter Registration, Delivered

September 25, 2018

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Voter Registration, Delivered

We’ve made it easier than ever to order your favorite meal from anywhere at anytime. We’ll even bring you a burrito before your S.O. reaches “hangry” status… so you can save your relationship, and your hunger cravings.

And it’s time we now parlay that on-demand convenience into voter registration convenience — bringing us one step closer to saving democracy.

As of this year, we deliver to nearly 1 in 2 households across the United States. Nearly a quarter of eligible voters don’t register before elections. That means we have the chance to make a difference by enabling civic participation in every community we touch. The process isn’t easy. Every state has its own deadlines and requirements. And we all have that stack of old mail we haven’t gotten to. We get it. But we’re here to help.

Whether you’re between classes, walking your dog, or waiting for that burrito — we’re making it easy to get out the vote without getting off the couch.

Postmates is excited to partner with When We All Vote this National Voter Registration Day. Instead of filling out long forms, buying stamps, and visiting the post office, all you have to do is visit our registration page to get started! We’ll take it from there.

Your civic duty shouldn’t feel like a duty.

Let’s make sure our voices are heard this November!

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