We Stand for Unprejudiced Healthcare

July 8, 2020

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We Stand for Unprejudiced Healthcare

Today, the Supreme Court ruled 7–2 to uphold a Trump administration regulation that lets employers and universities opt-out of the Affordable Care Act’s requirement to provide birth control coverage because of religious or moral objections. Postmates had previously signed onto an amicus brief in Trump v. Pennsylvania to tell the Supreme Court that no one should be denied coverage for contraception just because their boss or employer has a personal objection.

In response to today’s decision from SCOTUS, Postmates released the following statement:

“Access to reproductive health care, including the full range of contraceptive choices, is a basic right. We are very disappointed that today’s decision from the Supreme Court will give employers and universities the power to make it even more difficult for women to have control over their own well being. This outcome threatens the health, independence, and

equality of women across the country, and will be especially harmful to young women, low-income women, and women of color,” said Vikrum D. Aiyer, Vice President of Public Policy & Strategic Communications.

Postmates wants to make very clear to the women who power our platform, and who live and work in the communities we serve, that we support their right to access health care and are advocating for the services they need, regardless of who you work for. We urge others in our industry to do the same because no workforce — and no nation — can be healthy when anyone is denied basic benefits like birth control coverage.”

Since 2019 Postmates has joined forces with the ACLU, PPFA, NARAL and legal groups to promote the Don’t Ban Equality campaign to decriminalize access to reproductive care; is a founding member of the Business for Birth Control; has joined numerous amicus briefs to petition the courts and legislative bodies to ensure equitable access to health care regardless of employment status.


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