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25-40 min
108 Rhode Island Ave NW (NaN mi)
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Queso Fundido

Queso chihuahua, queso oaxaca, caramelized onions, rajas of red & poblano peppers. Vegetarian and gluten free.

Crispy Smoked Pork Belly

Creamy masa blanca, fire roasted green chilies, panela cheese, tomatillo salsa.

Papas Fritas

French fries, chipotle sauce, salsa verde, queso fresco, toasted sesame and pepita seeds.

Chips & House Made Salsas

Vegan and gluten free.


House made or make it yourself. Vegan and gluten free.

Fall Mixed Greens Salad


Black Bean Soup

Soft poached egg, pico de gallo, house crema. Vegetarian and gluten free.

El Camino Quesadilla

Fresh masa tortilla, queso chihuahua, queso oaxaca, roasted pork shoulder, fire roasted green chilies, cotija cheese. Gluten free.

Tostada De Pulpo

Braised octopus, house hot sauce, avocado, pico de gallo, black bean puree. Gluten free.

Queso A La Plancha

Grilled panela cheese, candied hibiscus flowers, seasonal fruit, pepita seeds, blackberries.

Daily Ceviche

Mango-avocado salsa, peanuts, red onion, habanero, lime juice. Gluten free.

De La Calle

Gluten Free Tacos

(Gluten Free Tacos) Your choice of style & toppings

El Camino Burrito

Hand stretched flour tortilla, fresh green rice, avocado tomatillo puree, pico de gallo. Vegetarian.


Puerco Asado

Berkshire pork shoulder braised in tomato and tomatillo chile verde, house made crema, fire roasted jalapeno, queso chihuahua, house made pan de maiz.

Pollo En Mole Verde

Local organic chicken braised in oaxacan style green mole, toasted sesame, pepita seeds, cilantro, radish, rice and beans. Gluten free.

Carne Achiote

8 oz grass fed hanger steak grilled a la plancha, tomato chimichurri, fire roasted green chile stuffed with queso chihuahua and caramelized onions, grilled spring onion, rice and beans. Gluten free.

Pescado Del Dia

Whole fish grilled a la plancha, cilanto chile verde sauce, red adobo sauce, roasted anaheim chile, grilled spring onions, rice and beans. Gluten free.

Vegetable Enchilada

Local fresh & pickled carrots, red & green peppers, onions, pickled green beans, pickled cauliflower, house-made vegan mushroom mole, fresh corn tortillas (v/gf)


Refried Beans

Gluten free.

Black Beans

Vegan and gluten free.


Vegetarian and gluten free.


Vegan and gluten free.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Vegetarian and gluten free.


Tres Leches Cake

Pineapple-lime salsa. Vegetarian.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Orange-mezcal mousse, chili salt. Vegetarian, gluten free.

Cafe con Leche

Espresso pudding, whipped cream, cinnamon, Mexican wedding cookies. Vegetarian

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