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Menu 1

Goju Specials​

Special Kitfo

Selected chopped lean beef seasoned with purified butter and spiced pepper served raw, rare or well done with a side of homemade cheese and gomen kitfo.

Gomen Kitfo

Chopped collared greens made for perfection with herb butter served with a side of homemade cheese.

Siga Begomen

Collard greens with tender lamb cooked for perfection in herb butter.

Meat & Veggie Combo

Any​ 1 item of the vegetarian dishes and any 2 items of meat dishes except specials and combinations.


Doro Wot

Famous ethiopian dish, chicken stew simmered in hot spices, herbs, seasoned butter and fenugreek, cooked until tender.

Doro Tibbs with Collard Green

Tender​ chicken breast cut into cubes sauteed to perfection mixed with collar green, onions, green chili, seasoned butter and herbs.Served stir fried.



Selected chopped lean beef seasoned with purified butter and spiced served raw, rare or well done with homemade cheese.

Gored Gored

Cubes of lean meat prepared with purified butter and spiced red pepper.Served ea, rare or well done.

Zilzil Tibbs

Strips of tender beef sou teed in onions and jalapenos, seasoned with garlic and black pepper.Can be prepared juicy with awaze.

Yebere Tibbs

Cubes of prime beef marinated in tej and herbs, grilled with rosemary, onion and green pepper to enhance flavors.Can be prepared juicy with awaze.

Bozena Shiro

Another Ethiopian favourite highly seasoned milled chick peas simmered in barbeque sauce with cubes of lean beef.

Kei Wot

1 prime beef cubes marinated in red pepper sauce, seasoned butter, garlic onions fresh ginger and cooked until tender.

Alitcha Wot

Prime beef cubes marinated in a mild flavourful sauce, seasoned butter, garlic onions fresh ginger and cooked until tender.

Tibbs Firfir -Yebere

Cubes​ of prime beef sauteed with onions, tomato, and seasoned butter tossed in barbeque sauce with injera.


Injera smothered in key wot.


Yebeg Tibbs

Cubes of selected lamb meat sauteed in spiced onions, jalapenos and herb butter.Can be prepared with red juicy and spicy with awaze or mild with out awaze.

Tibbs Firfir -Yebeg

Cubes of lean lamb sauteed with onions, tomato, green pepper and seasoned butter tossed in barbeque sauce with injera.


Mitten Shiro

Roasted and powdered chickpeas simmered in spiced red sauce and vegetable oil.

Yemisser Wot

Split red lentils simmered in barbeque sauce.

Ater Kik

Mild yellow split peas cooked with onions, garlic and sliced green peppers.

Atakilt Wot

String beans, with carrot and potato chunks, simmered in mild sauce.

Gomen Wot

Chopped collard greens simmered in a mild sauce.

Timatim Fitfit

Pieces of injera tossed in a blend of tomatoes, parsley, green onions, chili peppers and a touch of lemon.

Veggie Combo

Yemisser wot, gomen wot, shiro wot, ater kik and atakilt wot served with fresh salad.

Menu 2


Meat Combination

A platter of doro wot, kei wot and alitcha wot.

Side Orders​

Shiro Wot


Miser Wot


Yeater Kik




Atakilt Wot


Gojo Salad





Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs seasoned with onions, jalapenos and fresh tomatoes.

Inqulal Besega

Scrambled eggs with ground beef, onions jalapenos and fresh tomatoes.


Fava​ beans simmered with spiced butter, onions fresh tomatoes, jalapenos and homemade cheese.

Lunch on the Go​

Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken breast seasoned with exotic spices.

Kitfo Sandwich

Ethiopian style seasoned ground beef sandwich.

Fried Egg Sandwich

Egg​ sandwich Ethiopian style with freshly chopped tomatoes, onions and spices.

Soft Drinks





Sparkling Water


Ice Tea


Hot Drinks

Ethiopian Spiced Tea


Ethiopian Coffee





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