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Grab a Snack

KFC Go Cup® - Extra Crispy Tenders

Extra crispy® tenders, served with a side of crispy, seasoned potato wedges.

KFC Go Cup® - Chicken Littles®

Chicken littles®, served with a side of crispy, seasoned potato wedges.

KFC Go Cup® - Popcorn Nuggets

Popcorn nuggets, served with a side of crispy, seasoned potato wedges.

KFC Famous Bowl®

Creamy mashed potatoes, sweet corn and bite-sized chunks of crispy chicken are layered together, then drizzled with home-style gravy and topped with a perfect blend of three shredded cheeses.

Pot Pie

Tender bites of the world's best chicken, diced potatoes, peas and carrots, covered in a savory sauce and baked in a flaky, golden crust. Never mess with a classic.

Extra Crispy® Tenders

Tender, marinated strips of all-breast meat, hand-breaded twice with the Colonel's special seasoning for an extra crispy outside and an extra juicy inside.

Chicken Littles®

The sky isn't falling; it's just headed to Kentucky fried chicken for these freshly breaded chicken tenders, served with pickles and mayonnaise on a sweet bun!

Popcorn Nuggets - Large

All-white meat, like every nugget should be. Our extra crispy popcorn nuggets are made from 100% solid, white meat.

Hot Wings™


Fill Ups

2-Piece Drumstick & Thigh Fill Ups

Two pieces of fried chicken, a larger mashed potatoes and gravy and a biscuit.

3-Piece Tenders Fill Ups

Three juicy chicken tenders, a larger mashed potatoes and gravy, a biscuit and a dipping sauce.

Famous Bowl® Fill Ups

Our world-famous bowl.

Chicken Breast Fill Ups


Pot Pie Fill Ups

A classic chicken pot pie.


Popcorn Nuggets Combo

Includes seasoned potato wedges and a medium drink.

2-Piece Chicken Combo

Includes one breast, one wing, an individual mashed potatoes and gravy, a biscuit and a medium drink.

2 Chicken Littles®

Includes seasoned potato wedges and a medium drink.

Bucket Meals

8-Piece Meal

Feeds 4 plus people. Includes two large sides and four biscuits.

12-Piece Meal

Feeds 6 plus people. Three large sides and six biscuits.

16-Piece Meal

Feeds 8 plus people. Includes four large sides and eight biscuits.

Tenders Meal

Feeds 4 plus people. Includes twelve tenders, two large sides, four biscuits and six sauces.

Tenders & Wedges for 2

Feeds 2 plus people. Includes six tenders, a large seasoned potato wedges and two sauces.

Family Fill Up™

Fill up your family of four with eight pieces of chicken, a large coleslaw, our biscuits you've always loved and the mashed potatoes and gravy you've always wanted more of.

Kids' Meals

Drumstick Kids Meal


Chicken Littles® Kids Meal


Popcorn Nuggets Kids Meal


Home-Style Sides


Freshly prepared in-store with cabbage, carrots, just the right amount of onion and our signature dressing. Our coleslaw can teach your family-reunion coleslaw a thing or two.

Green Beans

Before the Colonel perfected his Original Recipe® using his pressure cooker, he used it to cook perfect fresh green beans. These beans are where the Original originated.

Mac & Cheese

What can you say about mac and cheese? Well, you can start by saying with your full mouth that our elbow macaroni is covered in a rich, creamy Cheddar cheese sauce that adults love as much as kids do.

Whole-Kernel Corn

This delicious, sweet yellow corn is so ripe it falls right off the cob and into a bowl, which makes it a perfect side to any meal.

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

The Colonel's famous mashed potatoes served up hot, creamy and covered with our signature gravy. It's a side, but we won't fight you if you want to call it a meal.

Seasoned Potato Wedges

These crispy potatoes are seasoned with a special blend of herbs and spices so good they'll drive a wedge between you and the common French fry forever.


The world's best chicken deserves the world's best biscuit. These warm, flaky biscuits will leave you speechless until you ask for seconds.

Drinks & Desserts

Soft Drink

Parched? A carbonated beverage is the perfect way to wash down the perfect meal. Choose from a variety of ice-cold, refreshing drinks.

The Colonel's Iced Tea

½ Gallon. The Colonel’s iced tea is a cool complement to a hot meal. Equally refreshing in both its sweetened and unsweetened forms.

Dole® Classic Lemonade

When life hands you lemons, put them in a glass and say, "Thanks, life!" and drink up because everybody loves refreshing Dole® Classic Lemonade.

Dole® Strawberry Lemonade


Double Chocolate Chip Cake

Dinner isn't over until you've had dessert. Unless you like to eat dessert before dinner. We don't tell you how to eat.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our cookies are baked right in our restaurants. They're perfect for dessert or any of life's other cookie-appropriate occasions.

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