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Hot & Cold Appetizers

Yuquitas O’lima

Soft hand-made yucca puree croquettes stuffed with gouda cheese, huancaina sauce.

Tequenos De Lomo Saltado

Wonton wrappers stuffed with sauteed beef tenderloin with peruvian seasonings.

Papas a La Huancaina

Boiled potatoes covered in a cheese and Yellow Pepper sauce.

Chicharron De Pescado

Deep fried slices of white fish server with criolla salad.

Soup & Salad

Artichoke Salad

Mixed green, palm hearts, artichoke hearts and peruvian corn with our house dressing.

Chupe De Camarones

A creamy jumble of shrimp, fresh vegetables, rice, egg, cheese and a selection of Peruvian peppers.


Traditional mix of fish & seafood in a broth of mild tomatoes, red onion, peppers and white wine.


Fiocchi De Pera

Fiocchi filled with gorgonzola cheese and pear in a chicha morada sauce.

Gnocchi Huancaina

Handmade gnocchi served on our traditional huancaina sauce.

Ceviche Bar

Ceviche De Vegetales De Aji Amarillo

Mushrooms, hearts of palm and artichoke marinated in our home-made yellow pepper sauce.

Ceviche A La Brasa

Specially grilled ceviche.

Ceviche Clasico

Peruvian signature dish - white fresh mahi-mahi fish marinated in lime juice mixed with ají Limo pepper, cilantro and lime.

Ceviche Trio O’lima

Our best ceviches: Classic, yellow pepper, and botijero. To share.Raw.


Tiradito De Aji Amarillo

Sashimi-style cuts of fresh fish in our Yellow pepper sauce. Raw.

Tiradito De Salmon Maracuya

Thin slices of Salmon in our special creamy passion fruit sauce. Raw.

Tiradito Nikkei

Thin slices of tuna in a tasty mexican-Nikkei fusion sauce. Raw.

Saltados Peruanos

Saltados Peruanos

Juicy diced meat flambeed in pisco, then sauteed with red onions, tomatoes, Peruvian Yellow peppers and soy sauce.

Risottos & Rice

Arroz Con Mariscos

Mixture of calamari, shrimp, green and black mussels, rice cooked paella style with Peruvian spices.

Risotto Saltado

Saltados with peruvian spices, onions and tomatoes.

Quinotto Andino

Quinoa risotto, drizzled with white truffle oil.

Chaufa De Pato

Fried rice, garnished with fried wontons served with sweet and sour sauce.

Seafood & Fish

Pescado a Lo Macho

8 oz. Grilled white fish filet combined with seafood in a mediterranean sauce.

Seabass Florentina

8 oz. Chilean sea bass fillet with shrimps, hearts of palm and spinach.

Pulpo a La Parrilla

Octopus marinated, grilled and sliced, golden potatoes, grilled asparagus, chimichurri-panka pepper sauce and spicy rocoto sauce.

Salmon Teriyaki

8 oz. Salmon fillet, covered in teriyaki sauce.

Tuna Al Pesto

Seared ahi tuna skewers, spicy limo pepper, orange- honey reduction, risotto al pesto.

Jalea Marina

Mix seafood deep fried: calamari, shrimps, white fish, green and black mussels served with a homemade tartar sauce, yucca and criolla salad. To share.


Poke De Pollo

Organic chicken and cashew in Japanese style mixed with vegetables.

Chicken Diana

Organic grilled chicken breast cover with an Apple and Prune sauce served with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.

Aji De Gallina

Shredded chicken stew in a creamy cheese and Yellow Pepper sauce with ground walnuts.



7 oz. Angus certified filet mignon marinated in anticucho sauce, served in a tacu tacu chickpeas bed and asparagus.

Lomo Gorgonzola

7 oz. Angus certified filet mignon covered with two of our signature sauces: a gorgonzola cheese and a chicha morada marmalade, asparagus.

Seco De Cordero

Peruvian lamb stew slow cooked in a cilantro sauce and peruvian spices.

Entrana Del Chef Al Carbon

12Oz. Skirt steak grilled to perfection with cheese raviolis in pesto sauce and homemade aji-panka chimichurri.

Asado Peruano

Wagyu reserve eye round beef, marinated 24 hours and slow cooked for 12 hours.

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