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Crispy pastry stuffed with potatoes and peas.

Idli Medu Vada

Steam rice cake, fried lentil doughnut shape.

Papri Chat

Potatoes and chickpeas tossed with crisp wafers, yogurt and assorted chutney.

Pani Puri

Fried crispy bowl filled with mixture of flavored water.

Gobi Manchurian

Cauliflower stir fried with a sweet and tangy sauce.

Vada Pa

Mashed spicy potatoes served in bread bun.


Vegetables curry served with soft bread roll.

Chole Poori

Fried puffy bread served with chickpeas.

Chicken 65

A special marinated deep fried chicken dish.

Kathi Rolls

Mixed Vegetables Rolls

Whole wheat wraps served with mixed vegetables.

Paneer Achari Rolls

Whole wheat wraps served with pickle and cottage cheese.

Egg Rolls

Whole wheat wraps served with Indian style omelets.

Chicken Rolls

Grilled chicken mixed with Indian pickle.

Lambs Rolls

Tender lamb mixed with Indian spices.

Dosa & Utapam

Sada Dosa

Plain crispy crepe.

Masala Dosa

Crispy crepe served with potatoes.

Maysoor Masala Dosa

Crispy crepe served with spicy potatoes.

Tamil Uttapam

Indian thick pan cake with onion, chilly and tomatoes.


Plain Basmati Rice


Vegetable Biryani

Basmati rice cooked with seasoned vegetables, herbs and spices.

Vegetable Fried Rice

Basmati rice cooked with carrots and green peas in Indo-Chinese style.

Egg Biryani

Boiled egg steamed in basmati rice with Indian herbs and spices.

Chicken Biryani

Boneless chicken cooked with basmati rice and spices.

Chicken Fried Rice

Boneless chicken cubes cooked with basmati rice in Indo Chinese work.

Lamb Biryani

Tender pieces of lamb cooked with basmati rice and exotic spices.

Goat Biryani (Bone In)

Bone in goat cooked with basmati rice and Indian spices.


Dal Tadka

Yellow lentil cooked in herbs and spices.

Alu Gobi

Fresh cauliflower sauteed with potatoes and spices.

Mixed Vegetables

Fresh mixed vegetables cooked in Indian spices.

Navaratna Korma

A royal entree, nine vegetable cooked in creamy sauce.

Paneer Tika Masala

Cottage cheese cubes cooked in creamy tomatoes sauce.

Saag Paneer

Home made cottage cheese cooked in creamy spinach.

Chilly Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked in ginger chilly sauce.

Non Vegetarian

Chicken Curry

Boneless chicken cooked in Indian spices.

Chicken Saag

Boneless chicken cooked in creamy spinach.

Chicken Vindalu

Boneless chicken cooked in tangy sauce.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Boneless chicken cooked in mild tomato and onion sauce.

Chicken Korma

Boneless chicken cooked in coconuts, almonds and cashew sauce.

Chilly Chicken

Chicken stir fried and cooked in ginger, chilly and sweet sauce.

Lamb Kadhai

Chunks of lamb sauteed with ginger, bell pepper in Indian spices.

Lamb Tikka Masala

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a mild creamy tomatoes sauce.

Goat Curry (Bone In)

Bone in goat simmered with freshly grounded Indian spices.

Goat Saag (Bone In)

Bone in goat cooked in creamy spinach.


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Lime soda.

Bottled Water


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