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Safier Mediterranean Deli

Middle Eastern & Indian eats such as Shawarma and Kabobs at the stars of the menu at Safier Mediterranean Deli.

15-30 min
641 S 4th St (NaN mi)
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Appetizers & Soups

Falafel with Pita

4 pieces. Deliciously seasoned fried vegetable patty served with tahini.

Hummos with Pita

Dip made from chickpeas, garlic, lemon, and sesame sauce - tahini.

Mutabal - Baba Ganuje with Pita

Oven-baked eggplant mixed with garlic tahini, topped with olive oil.

Stuffed Grape Leaves

5 pieces. Stuffed with rice and vegetables.

Spinach Pie

2 pieces. Turnover stuffed with spinach and spices.

Lentil Soup

Delicious mixed lentils cooked with herbs & spices.

Chicken Lime Rice Soup

A fragrant chicken soup with rice & lime juice.

half house with chicken shawarma


half greek with chicken


Salads & Vegetarian Dishes

Greek Salad with Chicken & Beef


Greek Salad

Served with Greek house dressing, ripe black olives & feta cheese.

House Salad

Fresh garden vegetables with house dressing.

House Salad with Chicken & Beef



World-famous Lebanese salad. Diced tomatoes, onion, parsley, cracked wheat, lemon.


Lentils & rice topped with fried onions & served with yogurt sauce.

Falafel Platter

4 pieces of falafel with house salad, hummos, rice & tahini.

Vegetarian Platter

Choose 4 from - grape leaves, hummos, falafel, mutable, rice, tabouleh, mujadara, spinach pie.


Falafel Sandwich

Fried ground dried vegetables topped with tahini.

Kafta Kabob Sandwich

Skewer of ground beef with onion, parsley & spices, hummos.

Chicken & Beef Shawarma Sandwich

Vertically-broiled, thinly-sliced chicken or beefsteaks, marinated in light spices. Topped with garlic sauce - chicken or tahini - beef.

Vegetable Paradise Sandwich

Tabouleh, feta cheese & hummos.

Fried Talapia Sandwich

Whole filet of fish with tartar sauce & hummos.

Piracha Sandwich

Mixed of chicken & beef - extra meat , garlic & hummus.

Main Dishes

Shish Kabob

Skewer of charbroiled tenderloin, onion, and green pepper, side of hummos.

Kafta Kabob

Two skewers ground beef with onion, parsley & spices, side of hummos.

Shish Tawook

One skewer of spices charbroiled chicken breast, side of garlic sauce.

Fried Talapia

Spiced & breaded filet with side of tartar sauce.

Athenian Broiled Chicken

Breast of chicken sauteed with creamy garlic sauce, tomato, and spices.

Beef & Chicken Combo

One skewers each of kafta kabob & shish tawook.

Safier Mixed Grill

One skewers each of shish kabob, kafta kabob & shish tawook.

Chicken Shawarma

Grilled chicken breast, marinated in light spices. A side of garlic sauce.

Beef Shawarma

Beef, marinated in light spices. Side of tahini sauce.

Kids Meals

Chicken Shawarma with Rice


Beef Shawarma with RIce


Hamburger with Fries


Fried Tender Chicken Strips with Fries


Side Items



Garlic Sauce


French Fries


Extra Pita












Thin layers of phyllo dough stuffed with mixed nuts, topped with honey-lemon syrup.


Baked semolina honey cake.


Bottled Water


Masala Tea


Coke Products


Mango Lassi


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