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    1. United States
    2. California
    3. Berkeley
    4. Gourmet Ghetto
    5. Agrodolce (Shattuck Ave)
    Agrodolce (Shattuck Ave)
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    Agrodolce (Shattuck Ave)

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    Location and hours

    05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
    Tuesday - Saturday
    05:00 PM - 09:00 PM

    1730 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709 • More

    • Specials

      • Fiore di Zucca

        Antipasti. Organic zucchini flower stuffed with scamorza, buffola mozzarella lightly fried, with basil, ​Pomodoro crudo, and extra virgin olive oil.
      • Bruschetta Della Fave

        Antipasti. Toasted Acme bread topped with organic Salinas fava bean puree with lemon, Sicilian ricotta, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt.
      • Carpaccio di Tonn

        Antipasti. Fresh, thinly sliced big-eyed tuna, marinated in lemon, Aeolian capers, arugula, mostarda Cipriani, and extra virgin olive oi.
      • U’ Picurar

        Primi and secondi. Bucatini with San Marzano DOP tomato sugo, basil, guanciale, imported pancetta, chili flakes, and cacio picante.
      • Polpette Siciliane

        Primi and secondi. All-beef Sicilian meatball in a tomato-basil sugo with rigatoni pasta.
      • Risotto di Zucca

        Primi and secondi. Organic butternut squash and arborio rice with sweet onion, green garlic, nutmeg, vegetable stock, and Parmigiano. Served in a butternut shell.
      • Stinco D’Agnello

        Primii and secondi. Sonoma lamb shank, oven braised with Nero d’Avola wine, vegetables and herbs, and rich lamb stock. Served with crispy polenta fritters.
      • Salmone alla Griglia

        Primi and secondi. Locally caught wild Alaskan salmon grilled to perfection, marinated in selm oregano, roasted rosemary potatoes, and sauteed kale.
      • Branzino alla Brace

        Primi and secondi. Freshly caught Ionian sea bass, rosemary potatoes, sauteed organic local kale, lemon, and garlic.
    • Salumi Agrodolce

      • Salumi Agrodolce

        Speck, salame pepato, salame felino, salame finocchiona, prosciutto cotto, porchetta salata, mortadella, lardo biellese, prosciutto San Daniele, fig jam, and Sicilian jasmine honey.
    • Insalate or Zuppe

      • La Siciliana

        Vine-ripened tomato, red onion, Sicilian olives and anchovies, Aeolian capers, oregano, and red wine vinaigrette.
      • Zuppe di Fasol

        Organic heirloom tomato, cannellini beans, and basil soup.
      • Cefalu

        Little gem romaine, anchovies garlic lemon dressing, shaved Parmigiano Regina, and buttery garlic crostini.
      • Rughetta

        Wild arugula, fennel, shaved carrot, goat cheese, roasted pine nuts, and lemon dressing.
      • A Minestra

        Fresh, daily-made vegetable soup with tomatoes, cannellini beans, Sicilian olive oil, basil, and other spices.
    • Antipasti

      • Frittura Mista

        Fresh Monterey calamari, jumbo prawns, artichokes, and lightly fried with caper wine vinegar aioli.
      • Carpaccio di Manzo

        Certified grass-fed organic beef carpaccio, marinated in lemon juice, EVOO, capers, arugula, and mustard Cipriani.
      • Polipo All'insalata

        Octopus, new potatoes, lemon, red onion Sicilian sea salt, prezzemolo, and lemon vinaigrette.
      • Salumi Agrodolce

        Speck, salami pupate salami feline, salami finoccniona prosciutto coot porch Etta salute Montebello, lardon belles prosciutto san Daniela, and fig jam Sicilian jasmine honey.
      • Melanzana Impanata

        Lightly fried and breaded eggplant, melted whole in ilk mozzarella, and tomato basil sauce.
      • Caponata Agrodolce

        Chilled Sweet and savory eggplant, novella black olives, Aeolian capers, and basil.
    • Primi

      • Ragu di Maiale

        Boss of the sauce award winner pappardelle with slowly braised pork, homemade sausage, ribs, hock, and guanciale with fresh herbs in a tomato sago. All pasta artigianale rustichella d'abruzzo.
      • Ravioli Porcini Trifolati

        House-made porcini stuffed mushroom ravioli, sautéed in a white wine cream sauce with sweet onions, cremains button mushrooms, and rosemary. All pasta artigianale rustichella d'abruzzo.
      • Pasticcia di Lasagna

        Ground beef porcini mushroom raga in a homemade béchamel sauce, fresh Parmigiano Regina, layered with house-made lasagna family size discount available ask upon ordering. All pasta artigianale rustichella d'abruzzo.
      • Bucatini'chi Finucchiede

        Palermo specialty, fresh sardines, pine nuts currants, sweet onion, Sicilian anchovies, saffron, fennel, toasted bread crumbs, and boating. All pasta artigianale rustichella d'abruzzo.
      • Linguini con Vongole In Bianco

        Linguini with fresh manila dams, EVOO, white wine, Italian parsley, and garlic. All pasta artigianale rustichella d'abruzzo.
      • Risotto Allo Scoglio

        Aged Arborio rice, pan sautéed with shrimp, dams, mussels, calamari, prawns, baby octopus, seafood stock, tomato reduction, white wine, and butter. All pasta artigianale rustichella d'abruzzo.
      • Norma

        Mezza Pacher with san Marsan dope tomato sago, lightly fried Sicilian eggplant, ricotta salata,and basil. All pasta artigianale rustichella d'abruzzo.
      • Paccheri San Giovanella

        Light tomato cream sauce, mushroom, peas, pancetta, and ground nutmeg. All pasta artigianale rustichella d'abruzzo.
      • Orecchiette Alla Boscaiolo

        Orecchiette con broccoli nab, cannellini beans, sun-dried tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, butter and vegetable stock reduction, toasted bread crumbs, and basil. All pasta artigianale rustichella d'abruzzo.
    • Secondi

      • Porchetta al Forno

        Oven-roasted heritage pork shoulder, rosemary, sea salt, pork jus, and oven-roasted rosemary potatoes.
      • Involtini Del Campo

        Traditional Sicilian grilled beef eye of round rolls filled with seasoned bread crumbs, herbs, pine nuts, currants, sweet onion, grana, pecorino, prosciutto di Parma, and served with palate allay Sicilian.
      • Pollo Allo Scarpariello

        Rosy free-range bone-in chicken half, pan sautéed with, criminal mushrooms, white wine, chicken stock, lemon juice, butter, and prezzemolo.
      • Pesce Spada Alla'brace

        Hawaiian swordfish fillet, marinated in salmoriglio, grilled, pan sautéed red chard, and oven-roasted new potatoes.
    • Contorni

      • Organic Kale with Pine Nuts

      • Sicilan Meatballs (2 pcs)

      • Soft and Creamy Polenta

    • Dolci

      • Tiramisu

        Mama Rosa's homemade special rum and espresso-soaked sponge cake, layered with sweet mascarpone and chocolate cream and finished with cocoa. Sicilian-inspired, after-dinner sweets.
      • Cannoli Siciliani

        Sicilian-imported, crunchy pastry shell filled with sweet whipped ricotta and chocolate chips. Sicilian-inspired, after-dinner sweets.
      • Panna Cotta

        Softly set eggless pudding, an Italian delicacy, topped with fresh raspberry sauce. Sicilian-inspired, after-dinner sweets.
    • Non Alcholic Drinks

      • Acqua Minerale Santa Lucia

      • Bundaberg Ginger Beer

      • Italian Soda

      • Coke

      • Diet Coke

      • Sprite