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    Location and hours

    2160 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704
    Every Day
    11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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    Bay Chef's Kitchen

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    2160 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704
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    Asian • Indian • Salads • Healthy

    • Appetizers

      • Vegetable Pakora

        Mixed seasonal vegetable fritters deep fried in a chick pea batter served with mint tamarind chutney or assorted fresh vegetables fritters, and fried delicately spiced.
      • Vegetable Samosa

        Golden fried 2 crisp turnovers filled with mild spices potatoes green peas.
      • Paneer Pakora

        Indian homemade cottage cheese deep fried fritters.
      • Jaipuri Aloo Tikki

        Pan fried potato patties.
      • Bombay Onion Bhaji

        Onion fritters deep fried mixed with Indian spices.
      • Lamb Samosa

        Crisp turnovers stuffed with spiced minced lamb green peas.
      • Chicken Samosa

        Chicken pieces curried with indian spices wrapped in a golden crisp pastry.
      • Chicken Pakora

        Boneless chicken pieces coated in a garbanzo batter.
      • Fish Pakora

        Chunks of fish fried to perfection.
      • Shrimp Manchurian Dry

        Shrimp, onions, and scallions tangy flavor.
    • Soup

      • Haryali Shorba

        Vegetable soup, flavored with spices, and herbs.
      • Cream of Tomato Soup

        Indian version of stewed tomato soup with cilantro cumin.
      • Mulligatawny Soup Vegetable Chicken

        A delicate puree of lentils pulses flavored coconut milk traditional spices.
      • Cream of Chicken Soup

        Smooth velvety chicken soup flavored with selected herbs garnished with diced chicken cream.
    • Salad's

      • Garden Vegetable Salad

        Mixed greens topped with tomato wedges, julienne carrots, red onion, bell peppers, cucumbers, and parmesan cheese topped with croutons.
      • Cucumber Salad

        Blend of cucumbers, onions, tomatoes with chick peas flavors with lemon juice, and dhaniya.
      • The Chef Kitchen Chicken Salad

        Boneless cubes of chicken, mixed with lettuce, topped with parmesan cheese croutons with keasar.
    • Roti

      • Naan

        Leavened bread.
      • Onion Kulcha

        Stuffed with onions and spices.
      • Garlic Naan

        Stuffed with garlic spices.
      • Kabuli Naan

        Sweet leavened bread with nuts, raisins, and cherries.
      • Spinach Naan

        Stuffed with fresh spinach spices.
      • Keema Naan

        Leavened bread stuffed with mildly spices ground lamb.
      • Chappati

        Basic indian bread made from whole wheat.
      • Assorted Breads

        Assortment of chappati, onion kulcha, and aloo paratha.
      • Paratha Lacha

        Buttered whole wheat bread.
      • Parath

        Freshly chopped mint with spices in a flaky bread.
      • Aloo Paratha

        Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes peas.
      • Paneer Paratha

        Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced farmer's cheese.
      • Poori

    • Toori Specialties

      • Toori Chicken

        Chicken marinated in yogurt spices.
      • Rack of Lamb

        Australian char broiled chops.
      • Reshmi Murgh Tikka

        Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt spices.
      • Lamb Boti Kabab

        Marinated lamb chunks, yogurt, and spices.
      • Mixed Grill Platter

        Combination of toori chicken, chicken tikka sekh kabab, and lamb boti kabab.
      • Dhaba Sheekh Kabab

        Sausage style lamb on skewers.
    • Biryani's

      • Lamb Dum Biryani

        Long grained basmati rice succulent with lamb indian spices cooked in a sealed pot their flavors.
      • Chicken Dum Biryani

        Basmati rice succulent with bone chicken indian spices cooked in a sealed pot their flavors.
      • Shrimp Dum Biryani

        Long grained basmati rice succulent with shrimp indian spices cooked in a sealed pot their flavors.
      • Goat Dum Biryani

        Long grained basmati rice combined with aromatic spice tender pieces of goat with bone cooked in its own juices in a sealed pot.
      • Vegetable Dum Biryani

        Flavorful combination of long grained basmati rice vegetable spice steam cooked
    • Vegetarian Delights

      • Mushroom Masala

        Mushrooms in spiced gravy with tomato butter sauce.
      • Dal Tarka

        Yellow lentils.
      • Dal Makhani

        Lentils delicately spiced.
      • Bhindi Masala

        Spiced okra.
      • Palak Paneer

        Spanish fresh indian style cheese cubes slightly spiced.
      • Paneer Tikka Masala

        Toori grilled paneer and tomato makhani gravy.
      • Malai Koftha

        Cheese vegetable rounds and cream sauce.
      • Began Bhartha

        Toori baked eggplant.
    • Lamb Specialties

      • Rogan Josh

        A gourmet's delight, spiced mutton curry cooked with aromatic herbs.
      • Lamb Vindaloo

        Boneless lamb potatoes cooked in spicy sauce.
      • Saag Gosht

        Lamb cooked with spiced creamed spinach.
      • Lamb Pasa

        Lamb in a mild cashew cream sauce.
      • Karahai Lamb

        Lamb cooked in a traditional indian sauce with onions and bell pepper..
      • Lamb Methi Mala

        Lamb cubes cooked with fine spices fenugreek.
    • Chicken Specialties

      • Haryali Murgh

        Chicken in cream of spinach.
      • Murgh Madras

        Chicken cooked with spicy coconut sauce madras curry masala.
      • Murgh Makhani

        A universal favorite, tender, roasted chicken pieces simmered in a satin smooth tomato cream gravy, and redolent of kasuri methi.
      • Murgh Tikka Masala

        Spiced, boneless chicken pieces with thick onion tomato masala.
      • Murgh Methi Malai

        A delightful blend of dry fenugreek in spinach gravy with soft green peas, and finished with cream.
      • Murgh Vindaloo

        Chicken potatoes cooked in a hot spicy sauce.
      • Murgh Curry

        Boneless chicken cooked in a mild sauce.
    • Seafood Specialties

      • Garlic Shrimp India Gate

        Shrimp cooked in garlic, cumin, and tomatoes.
      • Fish Malabar Curry

        Specialty of kerala, fish cooked in coconut, and onion sauce with indian spices.
      • Pineapple Fish Curry

        Indian style white fish curry topped with succulent pineapple.
      • Houseboat Fish Curry

        Kerala coconut fish curry from houseboats of cochin.
      • Shrimp Masala

        Shrimp cooked in a spicy sauce.
      • Fish Coconut

        Cubes of fish cooked with fine spices in a creamy coconut gravy.
      • Fish Koliwada

        This kabob from fisherman's hub in bombay is drenched in freshly pounded green sauce with charbroiled fish koliwada.
    • Chef Specialties

      • Jheenga Hari Mirch

        Shrimp marinated in indian herbs, and mint sauce cooked pan fry.
      • Lamb Chop Annardana

        Lamb chop cooked pomegranate.
      • Chicken Chat

        Old delhi road side dhaba style chicken.
      • Nawabi Murgh

        Boneless chicken pieces cooked along with variety of rich nuts (ground) herbs in a yoghurt based sauce.
      • Mutton Kolhapuri

        Mutton (goat meat) mix with a fiery blend of kolhapuri spices.
      • Murgh Mango

        Chicken cooked with mangoes in garlic cilantro sauce.
      • Murgh Badami

        Silvered almonds tender white chicken kabab korma.
      • Murgh Darbari

        Juicy blend of chunks of tender chicken in a butter - laced aromatic tomato gravy, and artfully prepared by choosing the finest ingredients.
      • Murgh Dum Dum

      • Malai Paneer

        Paneer cooked in a fragrant fresh fenugreek, and cashew cream sauce.
      • Gobi Bagecha

        Cauliflower potatoes sauteed.
    • Traditional Indian Soft Drinks

      • Mango Lassi

        Homemade yoghurt mango pulp, and rose syrup.
      • Lassi

        Homemade yoghurt served plain, sweet or salted..
      • Jal Jeera

        A tangy drink flavored with minted cumin.