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    2262 First St, # 104 , Fort Myers, FL 33901
    Sunday - Thursday
    11:00 AM - 9:30 PM
    Friday - Saturday
    11:00 AM - 10:30 PM

    Blu Sushi-Downtown

    4.6 (48 ratings) • Sushi • $$
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    2262 First St, # 104 , Fort Myers, FL 33901
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    $$ • Sushi • Family Friendly
    • Picked for you
        • Ponzu Sauce
          Side of Ponzu Sauce
        • Spicy Mayo
          Side of Spicy Mayo
        • Sirracha
          Side of Sirracha
        • Eel Sauce
          Side of Eel Sauce
        • Spicy Ponzu sauce
          Side of Spicy Ponzu
      • Hot Menu
          • Beef Lo Mein
          • 12oz NY Strip Steak
          • Chicken Teriyaki (Grilled)
          • Teriyaki Salmon
          • Shrimp Scampi Linguini
        • Soup
            • Miso Soup
              Soybean based soup with seaweed and diced tofu.
            • King Miso Soup
              King crab meat and scallions are added to soybean based soup with seaweed and diced tofu.
          • Salads
              • House Salad
                Mixed greens and carrots topped with ginger and sesame seed dressing.
              • Seaweed Salad
              • Kanisu Salad
                Krab wrapped in peeled cucumber drizzled with rice vinegar and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
              • Green Godess Salad
                Carrots, avocado, asparagus, jalapeno, and green onion wrapped in a peeled cucumber, served with sesame ginger dressing.
              • Sunomono Salad
                Shrimp, krab, and octopus over cucumber salad in ponzu sauce lightly sprinkled with sesame seeds.
              • Martini Salad
                A mixture of seaweed salad, krab stick, Ika sansai, diced cucumbers, tossed in our spicy ponzu sauce, and garnished with lemon and sesame seeds.
            • Appetizers
                • Edamame
                  Steamed soybeans.
                • Gyoza
                  Five Japanese dumplings filled with shrimp and cabbage served with a side of dumpling sauce.
                • Jalapeno Poppers
                  Tempura fried jalapenos filled with spicy krab mix and cream cheese. Served with popper sauce.
                • Tuna Tataki
                  Lightly seared and thinly sliced tuna served in ponzu sauce topped with daikon and scallions.
                • New Style Sashimi
                  Your choice of one of thinly sliced served in ponzu sauce topped with cilantro and sliced jalapenos.
                • Tuna Tower
                  Crispy wontons topped with chopped tuna, tamago, avocado, and smelt roe all tossed with spicy kimchee mayonnaise sauce.
                • Zulu Shrimp
                  Tempura fried shrimp tossed in a spicy miso mayonnaise sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds and scallions.
                • Torched Hamachi
                  Thin slices of yellow tail slightly torched, topped with jalapeno relish and dusted with wasabi caviar. Served with jalapeno ponzu sauce.
              • Blu Sushi
                  • Conch Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Eel Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Egg Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Escolar Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Fresh Salmon Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Inari Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Krab Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Mackerel Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Shrimp Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Octopus Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Smoked Salmon Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Squid Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Tuna Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Wahoo Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Yellow Tail Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Blue Crab Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Flying Fish Roe Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Quail Egg Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Salmon Roe Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Scallops Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Smelt Roe Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                  • Sweet Shrimp Sushi
                    Two pieces. Raw.
                  • King Crab Sushi
                    Two pieces.
                • Blu Sashimi
                    • Conch Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Eel Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Egg Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Escolar Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Fresh Salmon Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Inari Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Krab Sashimi
                      Three pieces of Kani Kama
                    • Mackerel Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Shrimp Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Octopus Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Smoked Salmon Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Squid Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Tuna Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Wahoo Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Yellow Tail Sashimi
                      Three pieces.
                    • Blue Crab Sashimi
                      Two pieces.
                    • Flying Fish Roe Sashimi
                      Two pieces.
                    • Quail Egg Sashimi
                      Two pieces.
                    • Salmon Roe Sashimi
                      Two pieces.
                    • Scallops Sashimi
                      Two pieces.
                    • Smelt Roe Sashimi
                      Two pieces.
                    • Sweet Shrimp Sashimi
                      Two pieces. Raw.
                    • King Crab Sashimi
                      Two pieces.
                  • Sushi and Sashimi Platters
                      • Sushi Specail
                        Ten Pieces of sushi and one tuna roll. Served with miso soup or salad.
                      • Sushi and Sashimi Combo
                        Four types of sashimi, seven pieces of sushi and one tuna roll. Served with miso soup or salad.
                      • Sashimi Special
                        Six different types of fish. Served with miso soup or salad.
                    • Makisushi Rolls
                        • Yellow Tail Makisushi
                          Chopped yellow tail and green onions and sesame seeds.
                        • Spicy Tuna Makisushi
                          Chopped tuna mixed with spicy kimchee sauce. Topped with sesame seeds.
                        • California Makisushi
                          Krab stick, cucumber, and avocado. Topped with smelt roe.
                        • Veggie Makisushi
                          Asparagus, cucumber, and avocado. Topped with sesame seeds.
                        • Eel and Cucumber Makisushi
                          Baked eel and cucumber. Topped with eel sauce and sesame seeds.
                        • Mexican Makisushi
                          Panko fried shrimp, avocado, and topped with smelt roe.
                        • Tuna Makisushi
                          Tuna, seaweed on the outside.
                        • Salmon and Avocado Makisushi
                          Chopped salmon, avocado, and topped with sesame seeds.
                        • Tampa Makisushi
                          Panko fried tilapia, green onion, and topped with sesame seeds.
                        • Spider Makisushi
                          Tempura fried soft shell krab, avocado, cucumber, and topped with smelt roe.
                        • Japanese Bagel Makisushi
                          Smoked salmon, cream cheese, green onion, and topped with sesame seeds.
                      • Specialty Rolls
                        • Spicy Butterfly Roll
                        • Lava Drops Roll
                        • Leggo My Lobster Roll
                          Tempura fried lobster rolled with avocado, asparagus, smelt roe, drizzled with spicy mayonnaise, eel sauce, and lobster tail stuffed with a mixture of krab, lobster, spicy mayonnaise, and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
                        • Skinny Love Roll
                          Tuna, salmon, Japanese tilapia, smelt roe, asparagus, scallion wrapped in seaweed, and no rice.
                        • Blu Sunset Roll
                          Blue crab, cucumber, and scallions rolled inside out with salmon or avocado on top.
                        • Eve's Garden Roll
                          Inari, carrot, asparagus, cucumber, and rolled inside out with brown rice topped with avocado.
                        • Spicy Samurai Roll
                          Spicy mixture of chopped yellow tail, tuna, wahoo mixed with miso mayonnaise sesame oil, scallions, cucumber, and jalapeno rolled inside out with avocado and smelt roe on top drizzled with sriracha.
                        • Mango Tango Roll
                          Spicy krab mix, tempura flakes rolled inside out with mango and cilantro on top and drizzled with ponzu.
                        • Toti.Com Roll
                          Salmon, tamago, and shrimp wrapped with avocado then topped with flying fish roe.
                        • Sugar Daddy Roll
                          Tempura fried krab stick, cream cheese, and avocado dusted with smelt roe and topped with eight pieces of spicy krab mix.
                        • Summer Night Roll
                          Tempura fried shrimp, avocado, diced jalapeno topped with spicy krab salad, sprinkled with a touch of sesame seeds, scallions, smelt roe, and eel sauce.
                        • Find What Baby Roll
                          Salmon, scallions, asparagus, and cream cheese, all tempura fried then drizzled with eel sauce.
                        • Rainbow Roll
                          Krab stick, cucumber, dusted with smelt roe, wrapped in tuna, Japanese tilapia, salmon, and avocado.
                        • Volcano Roll
                          Krab chopped and mixed with spicy mayonnaise baked and served hot.
                        • Fish Your Own Roll
                          Krab, cucumber, and cream cheese wrapped in avocado.
                        • Sugar Mama Roll
                          Tempura fried krab stick, cream cheese, and avocado topped with a touch of smelt roe.
                        • California Dream Roll
                          Krab, avocado, cucumber, cilantro wrapped with salmon, sliced red onion, and finished with a touch of lime juice.
                        • Spicy Salmon Oscar Roll
                          Spicy salmon, cucumber topped with krab, and avocado then sprinkled with tempura flakes and drizzled with spicy mayonnaise.
                        • PB and J Roll
                          Spicy tuna, cream cheese wrapped in tempura fried tilapia, and avocado. Topped with spicy mayonnaise and a touch of smelt roe, scallions, sesame seeds, and eel sauce.
                        • Christie Roll
                          Tuna chopped in hot sriracha sauce with flying fish roe, cucumber, avocado, tamago wrapped in soy paper, and served with a side of our spicy ponzu sauce.
                        • Blu Special Roll
                          Krab and cucumber wrapped in avocado and topped with baked scallops and shrimp in a cream sauce. Served hot, sprinkled with sesame seeds.
                        • King So Roll
                          King Crab, tuna, avocado tempura dipped and flash fried sprinkled with scallions, tempura flakes, and a touch of smelt roe drizzled with spicy mayonnaise and ponzu sauce.
                      Frequently asked questions

                      What is the address of Blu Sushi-Downtown in Fort Myers?

                      Blu Sushi-Downtown is located at: 2262 First St # 104 , Fort Myers

                      Is the menu for Blu Sushi-Downtown available online?

                      Yes, you can access the menu for Blu Sushi-Downtown online on Postmates. Follow the link to see the full menu available for delivery and pickup.

                      What are the most popular items on the Blu Sushi-Downtown menu?

                      The most ordered items from Blu Sushi-Downtown are: Gyoza, Sugar Mama Roll, Eel Sauce.

                      Does Blu Sushi-Downtown offer delivery in Fort Myers?

                      Yes, Blu Sushi-Downtown offers delivery in Fort Myers via Postmates. Enter your delivery address to see if you are within the Blu Sushi-Downtown delivery radius, then place your order.

                      Can I get free delivery from Blu Sushi-Downtown?

                      Delivery fees for Blu Sushi-Downtown vary. Just enter your delivery address to see the delivery fee for your location. You could always get free delivery from Blu Sushi-Downtown with Postmates Unlimited.

                      Can I pick up my order from Blu Sushi-Downtown?

                      Postmates offers pickup from many restaurants in your city. To see if you can pick up your order from Blu Sushi-Downtown, add items to your cart and look for the ‘pickup’ option at checkout.

                      Can I schedule a delivery order from Blu Sushi-Downtown?

                      Some restaurants on Postmates allow you to schedule a delivery to show up at your location when you want it. At checkout, look for the option to select a delivery time. If it’s there, that means you can schedule your delivery from Blu Sushi-Downtown.