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    909 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
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    4.7 (200+ ratings) • Bubble Tea • $
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    909 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
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    $ • Bubble Tea • Sushi • Japanese • Desserts • Allergy Friendly
    • Picked for you
        • Shrimp Tempura Roll
          Shrimp tempura roll with avocado and cucumber *Fried cannot be gluten free*
        • Spicy Tuna Roll
        • Salmon Avocado Roll
        • Philadelphia Roll
        • Tuna Avocado Roll
      • Appetizers
        • Takoyaki
          Top Rated
        • Salmon Tacos (3 pcs)
        • Tuna Tacos (3 pcs)
        • Taiwanese Salt Baked Chicken
          Top Rated
        • Volcano Chicken
          Fried chicken with cheese inside, and tonkatsu sauce
        • Edamame
          Top Rated
        • Spicy Garlic Edamame
          Spicy and Top Rated
        • Shrimp Tempura Appetizer
          2 pieces of shrimp tempura and mixed vegetable tempuras (sweet potato, brocolli, mushroom, asparagus, taro)
          Top Rated
        • Fried Calamari
        • Seaweed Salad
        • Veal with Black Pepper Sauce
        • Miso Soup
          Miso, tofu, seaweed, and scallions.
        • Oyster Tempura (6 pcs)
        • Crispy Wings
          Top Rated
        • Kani (Crab) Salad
      • Bubblefish Combination
        • Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
        • Tuna Burger
        • Tuna Poke
        • Salmon Poke
        • Salmon Burger
          Shichimi salmon, spicy crab, lettuce, avocado, and fried onion.
        • Miso Salmon
          Served with vegetable, rice, and marinated egg.
        • Black Cod
          Served with vegetable, rice, and marinated egg.
        • Veal
          Served with vegetable, rice, and marinated egg.
        • Bubblefish Box
          Served with a California roll, shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura, sauteed vegetables, and rice.
        • Seafood Poke
          Tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab, and oshinko.
        • Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice
          Pineapple, chicken, corn, kikurage
      • Sushi Platters
        • Spicy Maki Combo
        • Sushi Heaven
        • Sashimi Heaven
        • Sushi and Sashimi Platter for 1
        • Sushi and Sashimi Platter for 3
          18 pcs of sashimi, 9 pcs of nigiri, and 2 chef's special rolls.
        • Cooked Maki Combo
          California, Philadelphia, and shrimp tempura roll.
        • Sushi and Sashimi Platter for 2
          12 pcs of sashimi, 8 pcs of nigiri, and a chef's special roll.
        • Tempura Maki Combo
          Shrimp tempura, salmon tempura, and chicken tempura. *Not gluten free*
        • Sashimi Deluxe
          10 pcs of sashimi and a chef's special roll.
      • Signature Rolls
        • Angry Dragon Roll
        • Bubblefish Roll
          Top Rated
        • Monster Roll
        • Marilyn Mon Roll
          Top Rated
        • Tuna Princess Roll
          top rated
        • Ninja Oyster Roll
        • Little Mermaid Roll
        • Lobster Roll
        • Spider Roll
          Crispy soft shell crab, cucumber, and avocado.
        • Sunny Side Up Roll
          Crabmeat mango cheese inside, topped with avocado
        • Rainbow Roll
        • Out of Control Roll
          Spicy tuna, crab, cream cheese, and jalapeno lightly fried and served with sweet and spicy sauce.
          Top Rated
        • Greenpeace Roll
          Sweet potato tempura, asparagus, cucumber, and mango inside. Top covered with sliced avocado.
        • Salmon or Tuna Godzilla Roll
          Spicy tuna or spicy salmon and sliced avocado topped with masago and crunch.
          Top Rated
        • Fujiyama Roll
          Crab stick, cucumber, avocado, and mango wrapped in soy nori and topped with jumbo shrimp.
        • TGI Fresh Roll
          Salmon, yellowtail, spicy Kani, and avocado wrapped in soy nori. Topped with spicy tuna and spicy yuzu miso sauce.
        • Spicy Girl Roll
          Spicy salmon, fried calamari, and mango topped with spicy tuna and red onion tempura.
        • Rock and Roll
          Shrimp tempura, mango, and cream cheese topped with wasabi lobster and spicy crab salad mix.
        • Mars Roll
          Soft shell crab, cream cheese, jalapeno, avocado, and shiso.
        • Dynamite Roll
          Oyster tempura, avocado, and cucumber.
        • White Tiger Roll
          White tuna tempura, spicy tuna, and avocado topped with torched spicy yellowtail and mayonnaise.
        • Golden Scales Roll
          Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside with eel and avocado on top.
      • Rolls or Hand Rolls
          • California Roll
            Imitation crab stick, avocado and cucumber
            Top Rated
          • Spicy Crab Roll
          • Mango Shrimp Roll
            Mango and shrimp with honey yuzu sauce on top *Gluten free without sauce*
          • Shrimp Avocado Roll
            Top Rated
          • Shrimp Cucumber Roll
          • Chicken Tempura Roll
            Top Rated
          • Shrimp Tempura Roll
            Shrimp tempura roll with avocado and cucumber *Fried cannot be gluten free*
            Top Rated
          • Sweet Potato Roll
            Top Rated
          • Spicy Salmon Roll
          • Spicy Yellowtail Roll
          • Philadelphia Roll
            Top Rated
          • Tuna Roll
          • Salmon Roll
          • Yellowtail Scallion Roll
          • Salmon Cucumber Roll
          • Tuna Avocado Roll
            Top Rated
          • Tuna Cucumber Roll
          • Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll
          • Eel Avocado Roll
          • Eel Cucumber Roll
          • Salmon Skin Roll
          • Wasabi Lobster Roll
          • Pepper Tuna Avocado Roll
            Top Rated
          • Sichimi Salmon Roll
          • Calamari Mango Roll
          • White Tuna Jalapeno Roll
          • Crabmeat Cheese Mango Roll
          • Salmon Tempura Roll
          • Avocado Roll
          • Cucumber Roll
          • Spicy Tuna Roll
          • White Tuna Scallion
          • Salmon Avocado Roll
          • Alaska
            Salmon avocado cucumber roll
          • Avocado Cucumber Roll
        • Don
          • Unagi Don
            Top Rated
          • Chirashi
          • Tonkatsu Don
            Served with vegetable, rice, and scrambled egg.
            Top Rated
          • Salmon Don
            8 pieces salmon sashimi over rice, comes with ikura and quail egg. Sometimes with rainbow mix on top
          • Chicken Katsu Don
            Served with onions, eggs, lettuce, and rice
          • Tekka (Tuna) Don
            Rice bowl with 8 pcs tuna, ikura, and a quail egg
          • Tekka (Tuna) Don
            8 pieces of fresh tuna on rice, comes with ikura and quail egg
        • Sushi or Sashimi
            • Salmon
            • Tuna
            • Yellowtail
            • White Tuna
            • Eel
            • Scallop
          • Onigiri
              • Phoenix Shrimp Onigiri
              • Eel Avocado Onigiri
              • Crabmeat Salad Onigiri
                Top Rated
              • Smoked Salmon Onigiri
                Top Rated
              • Seaweed Pork Sung Onigiri
              • Chicken Tempura Onigiri
              • Pepper Tuna Avocado Onigiri
              • Sweet Potato Onigiri
              • Sichimi Salmon Onigiri
              • Seaweed Salad Onigiri
            • Ramen & Udon
                • Tonkotsu Ramen
                  Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) noodle soup, topped with marinated egg, chashu pork, kikurage, menma, red pickled ginger, scallion, and naruto fish cake
                • Miso Ramen
                  Tonkotsu broth infused with miso flavored noodle soup, topped with marinated egg, chashu pork, egg, corn, red pickled ginger, kikurage, and scallion
                • Shoyu Ramen
                  Pork broth merged with soy flavored soup, topped with marinated chashu pork, egg, kikurage, menma, corn, scallion, and bean sprout.
                • Spicy Miso Ramen
                • Tom Yum Seafood Ramen
                • Shrimp Udon
                  Stir-fried with vegetables
                • Seafood Udon
                  Stir-fried with shrimp, calamari, mussels, and vegetables
              • Fried Rice
                  • Vegetable Fried Rice
                  • Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice
                  • Beef and Green Pepper Fried Rice
                  • Shrimp Fried Rice W. Mixed Veggies
                  • Seafood Fried Rice W. Mixed Veggies
                • Skewers
                    • Beef Skewer
                    • Lamb Skewer
                    • Squid Skewer
                    • Chicken Skewer
                    • Chicken Wing (2) Skewer
                  • Sauces
                      • Spicy Mayo
                      • Eel Sauce
                      • Honey Wasabi
                      • Ponzu Sauce
                      • Yuzu Wasabi
                      • Siracha
                      • Chili Oil
                    Frequently asked questions

                    What is the address of Bubblefish in Philadelphia?

                    Bubblefish is located at: 909 Arch St , Philadelphia

                    Is the menu for Bubblefish available online?

                    Yes, you can access the menu for Bubblefish online on Postmates. Follow the link to see the full menu available for delivery and pickup.

                    What are the most popular items on the Bubblefish menu?

                    The most ordered items from Bubblefish are: Angry Dragon Roll,Spicy Mayo,Smoked Salmon Onigiri.

                    Does Bubblefish offer delivery in Philadelphia?

                    Yes, Bubblefish offers delivery in Philadelphia via Postmates. Enter your delivery address to see if you are within the Bubblefish delivery radius, then place your order.

                    Can I get free delivery from Bubblefish?

                    Delivery fees for Bubblefish vary. Just enter your delivery address to see the delivery fee for your location. You could always get free delivery from Bubblefish with Postmates Unlimited.

                    Can I pick up my order from Bubblefish?

                    Postmates offers pickup from many restaurants in your city. To see if you can pick up your order from Bubblefish, add items to your cart and look for the ‘pickup’ option at checkout.

                    Can I schedule a delivery order from Bubblefish?

                    Some restaurants on Postmates allow you to schedule a delivery to show up at your location when you want it. At checkout, look for the option to select a delivery time. If it’s there, that means you can schedule your delivery from Bubblefish.