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    14811 Lyons Road, 106, Delray Beach, FL 33446
    Sunday - Thursday
    12:00 PM - 9:00 PMDRINKS
    12:00 PM - 9:00 PMTAKE OUT MENU
    Friday - Saturday
    12:00 PM - 10:00 PMDRINKS
    12:00 PM - 10:00 PMTAKE OUT MENU

    Ganzo Sushi Delray

    4.8 (70 ratings) • Sushi • $
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    14811 Lyons Road, 106, Delray Beach, FL 33446
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    $ • Sushi • Asian • Japanese • Group Friendly
    • Picked for you
        • Salmon Roll
          salmon and scallions wrapped with seaweed outside
        • Avocado Roll
        • Lobster Shrimp Gyoza
          Hong Kong style lobster and shrimp dumplings
        • Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice Pop
          spicy tuna and jalapenos served on top of bite size crispy sushi rice and garnished with black tobiko
        • Spicy Tuna Roll
          chopped tuna, kimchee sauce, scallions, i/o sesame seeds
      • Soup and Salad
          • Hot and Sour Soup
            bamboo shoots, silky tofu, mushrooms, chicken,eggs and scallions
          • House Green Salad
            Spring mix, carrots, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers and topped with crispy noodles
          • Japanese Seaweed Salad
          • Miso Soup
            seaweed, scallions and silky tofu
          • Spicy LMG Seafood Soup
            scallops, shrimps, fish, lobster, tomatoes, mushrooms and cilantro
          • Udon Soup Appetizer
            Mixed veggies in a vegan broth
          • Vegetable Soup
            broccoli, carrots, corn, edamame, scallions and cabbage
          • Wonton Soup
        • Tapas
          • Korean Beef Bulgogi Bao Bun (2)
          • Spicy Korean Cauliflower
          • Agedashi Tofu
            Crispy Japanese tofu in a dashi broth and horse radish
          • Cha Shu Pork Belly Bao Bun (2)
            Asian steamed buns (2) stuffed with chashu pork belly
          • Chicken Satay
            grilled thai chicken skewers, peanut and cucumber sauce
          • Hamachi Kama
            Grilled yellowtail collar
          • Japanese Shrimps Tempura (3)
            Japanese tempura style fried shrimps (3), sweet potatoes, enoki mushrooms and broccoli
          • Japanese Spring Rolls
          • K.Pop Shrimps
            Lightly fried shrimps, masago, fresh pineapple, micro chives and scallions tossed in a mayo sauce and togarashi
          • Korean Ribs
            Grandma's recipe. Marinated pork ribs tossed in spicy korean gochujang and furik
          • Nana's Wings KFC
            Korean Gochujang spiced chicken wings
          • Pork Belly & Shishito Peppers
            Grilled miso marinated pork belly
          • Soft Shell Crab Bao Bun (2)
            panko fried soft shell crab, kimchi aioli, asian pickle and cilantro
          • Spring Roll (3) V
            Vegetable (no meat)
          • Wok Charred Edamame
            truffle butter garlic, spicy togarashi and sea salt or just sea salt
          • Yuzu Miso Scallop
            pan seared sea scallop, sweet butter corn and togarashi spice
        • Homemade Dumpling
            • Edamame Dumplings
              Puree Japanese soybean, potatoes, truffle oil and dash broth
            • Lobster Shrimp Gyoza
              Hong Kong style lobster and shrimp dumplings
            • Vegetable Dumpling
              Steamed or pan fried sweet peas, shitake mushrooms, carrots and chives
          • Cold Tasting
            • Ahi Tuna Pizza
            • Salmon Yuzu Carpaccio
            • Sashimi Sampler
            • Tuna Tataki
            • Belly Belly
              3 sushi style: seared tuna belly with black tobiko, seared salmon with ikura and seared hamachi belly
            • Ganzo Nacho
              tuna, salmon, avocado, cilantro, seaweed salad, red onion, spicy aioli, and jalapeno over chips
            • Ganzo Tuna
              seaweed wrapped raw ahi tuna flash fried, wakame, cucumber, masago, scallions, sesame, wasabi aioli, kimchi sauce
            • Hotate Scallop
              thinly sliced fresh scallops, caviar, truffles infused oil served with yuzu sauce
            • Lava Stone Wagyu Beef
              imported wagyu beef, cooked tableside on a hot river stone with yuzu sesame dipping
            • Spicy Conch & Octopus Salad
              spicy conch, octopus, masago, scallions, orange, sesame seed and cucumber
            • Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice Pop
              spicy tuna and jalapenos served on top of bite size crispy sushi rice and garnished with black tobiko
            • Sushi Sampler
              6 pieces of assorted sushi (chef's choice)
            • Tuna TarTar
              chopped spicy tuna, scallions, cucumber, masago, sesame seeds and avocado with taro chips
            • Yellowtail Jalapenos
              japanese yellowtail sliced thin, topped with jalapenos and served with yuzu ponzu
          • Noodle Soup Bar
            • Mama Duck Ramen
            • Miso Ramen
            • Ramen Tonkotsu
              pork broth, chashu pork belly, soft boiled egg, scallions, bamboo shoots, kikurage mushroom and nori
            • Ramen and Broth
            • Shoyu Ramen
              chicken broth, soy sauce, soft boiled egg, bamboo shoot, scallions, kikurage mushroom and nori
            • Udon Noodle Large
              served with homemade udon noodles, dashi broth, scallions, nori, vegetables and shrimp tempura
            • Vegan Ramen
              veggie broth, bok choy, roasted cauliflower, bean sprouts, corn, scallions, kikurage mushroom, inari and soft tofu
          • Asian Rice Bowls
              • Chicken Katsu Curry
                katsu chicken, japanese curry, potatoes, carrots, pickled ginger, scallions and furikake
              • Unagi Don
                grilled marinated eel, sesame seeds, scallions and pickle
            • Poke Station
                • THE O.G.
                  tuna, green sweet onions, seaweed salad, cucumber, sesame seed and yuke sauce
                • Classic Poke Bowl
                  tuna or salmon poke served with seaweed, edamame, avocado, ginger, spicy crab and nori
                • Samurai Salmon
              • Noodle Wok
                  • Yakisoba
                    Priced by add-ons
                    sauteed vegetables, egg noodles, pickled ginger and sesame seeds
                  • Yaki Udon
                    Priced by add-ons
                    sauteed vegetables, homemade udon noodles and sesame seeds
                  • Lo Mein Noodles
                    Priced by add-ons
                    egg noodles, onions, scallions, bell peppers, bean sprouts, broccoli,carrots and mushrooms
                  • Pad Thai Noodles
                    Priced by add-ons
                    rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, peanuts, scallions, shallots and lime wedge (gf or vegan upon request )
                  • Chow Fun
                    Priced by add-ons
                    broccoli, bean sprouts, carrots, sweet soy sauce, truffle oil, mushrooms, onions, scallions
                • Main Station
                    • Braised Korean Short Ribs
                      house made ribs, kimchi and pickle
                    • Ganzo Wagyu Steak
                      8oz prime american wagyu steak, japanese potatoes, croquettes, broccolini, black truffle and micro shiso.
                    • Japanese Teriyaki
                      Priced by add-ons
                      balsamic teriyaki, shitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and sesame seeds
                    • Jumbo Shrimp Kung Pao
                      breaded jumbo shrimps, house spicy kung pao, dry chili,peanuts, bell peppers, onions, carrots, broccoli
                    • Kung Pao Chicken
                      breaded chicken, house spicy kung pao, dry chili, peanuts, bell peppers, onions, carrots, broccoli
                    • Lamb Shank Masaman Curry
                      4 hours braised lamb shank, masaman curry sauce, potatoes, onions, avocado, peanuts and fried shallots served with roti
                    • Miso Seabass
                      sake miso, pickle and ginger
                    • Mongolian Beef
                      thinly sliced tender crispy beef and scallions marinated with our sweet mongolian sauce
                    • Sesame Chicken
                      breaded chicken glazed with sweet sauce and steamed broccoli
                    • Thai Style Sweet Chili Fish
                      filet snapper fried or grilled served with famous homemade garlic sweet chili sauce and steamed boc choy
                  • Kitchen Station
                      • Asian Fresh Ginger
                        Priced by add-ons
                        ginger, onions, scallions, shitake mushrooms, bell peppers and brown ginger sauce(gf and vegan upon request )
                      • Asian Stir Cashew
                        Priced by add-ons
                      • Asian Stir Garlic Sauce
                        Priced by add-ons
                      • Asian Stir Thai Basil Sauce
                        Priced by add-ons
                      • Asian Sweet and Sour
                        Priced by add-ons
                        tomatoes, onions, scallions, edamame, pineapples, carrots and bell peppers(gf or vegan upon request )
                      • Panang Curry
                        Priced by add-ons
                        panang curry paste, coconut milk, bell peppers, string beans, cauliflowers, peanuts and lime leaf(gf and vegan upon request )
                      • Thai Red Curry
                        Priced by add-ons
                        red curry paste, coconut milk, sweet peas, bamboo shoots, bell peppers and basil((gf and vegan upon request )
                      • Thai Sweet Chilli
                        Priced by add-ons
                        roasted mix vegetables
                    • Hibachi Fried Rice
                        • Plain Egg Fried Rice
                          Gluten free
                        • Vegetable Fried Rice
                          edamame, onion, scallions, broccoli, carrots
                          (gf and vegan )
                        • Grilled Chicken Fried Rice
                          edamame, onion, scallions, broccoli, carrots
                        • Grilled Shrimps Fried Rice
                          edamame, onion, scallions, broccoli, carrots
                          (gf )
                      • Sushi & Sashimi Station
                          • Chef’s Sashimi Special
                            16 pieces of fresh cut raw fish sashimi (chef's choice)
                          • Chirachi
                            tuna, salmon, white fish, ebi, tamago, ikura, avocado, edamame, ginger and nori
                          • Combo Plate for 2*
                            california roll and jb roll. 10 pieces of sushi and 12 pieces of sashimi (chef's choice)
                          • Combo Plate for 3
                            california roll, jb roll and spicy tuna roll. 15 pieces of sushi and 20 pieces of sashimi (chef's choice)
                          • Combo Plate for 4
                            california roll, jb roll, spicy tuna roll, over the moon roll. 20 pieces of sushi and 24 pieces of sashimi (chef's choice)
                          • Ganzo Platinum Platter for 2
                            10 pieces premium sushi, 12 fresh omakase sahimi and 2 premium make roll (Chef's choice)
                          • Sushi Dinner
                            8 pieces of raw fish sushi and california roll (chef's choice)
                          • Sushi Sashimi
                            6 pieces of sushi and 12 pieces of sashimi and spicy tuna roll (chef's choice)
                        • Classic Rolls
                            • Avocado Roll
                            • California Roll
                            • Eel Roll
                              baked eel, cucumber, i/o sesame seeds
                            • Hamachi Roll
                              hamachi and scallions
                            • JB Roll
                              salmon, cream cheese, scallions i/o sesame seeds
                            • JB Tempura Roll
                              deep fried jb roll tempura style
                            • Kani Roll
                              kani wrapped with seaweed outside
                            • Kappa Roll (Cucumber)
                              cucumber, sesame seeds wrapped seaweed outside
                            • Rainbow Roll
                              kani, cucumber, avocado, i/o with assorted fish on top and sesame seeds
                            • Salmon Roll
                              salmon and scallions wrapped with seaweed outside
                            • Salmon Skin Roll
                              crispy salmon skins, scallions, cucumber, i/o sesame seeds
                            • Spicy Kani Roll
                              kani, spicy mayo, i/o sesame seed and masago
                            • Spicy Samon Roll
                            • Spicy Tuna Roll
                              chopped tuna, kimchee sauce, scallions, i/o sesame seeds
                            • Spider Roll
                              fried soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado, masago and sesame seeds
                            • Tuna Roll
                              tuna, scallions wrapped with seaweed outside
                            • Vegetable Roll
                              asparagus, carrots, kampyo, spinach and avocado i/o sesame seeds
                            • Shrimp Tempura Roll
                          • Sushi Rolls
                              • Bahamas Roll
                                spicy conch, avocado, cucumber, i/o, topped with tuna, serrano, masago and micro cilantro
                              • Dancing Eel Roll
                                kani, avocado, cucumber, topped with BBQ eel, sesame
                              • Deep Blue Sea
                                shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber top with avocado, dynamite blue crab, eel sauce and wasabi mayo
                              • Dirty Old Man Roll
                                kani, cucumber, avocado, masago, sesame, scallions, spicy tuna on top
                              • Fantasy Roll
                                tempura roll, salmon, cream cheese, scallions, spicy kani on top, sesame
                              • Firecracker
                                salmon, avocado deep fried and topped with spicy runa, jalapenos, fish eggs and eel sauce
                              • Green Dragon Roll
                                shrimp tempura, cream cheese, asparagus, i/o, with avocado on top
                              • Hurricane Roll
                              • Lobster Bomb Roll
                                crispy lobster, asparagus, masago, i/o, with sesame seeds
                              • My Unagi Roll
                                cucumber, tamagotchi's topped with baked eel and sesame seeds
                              • No Rice Roll
                                a no rice sushi roll with seaweed, tuna, salmon, hamachi, shrimp, kampyo, tamagotchi's, asparagus, scallions and cucumber
                              • Ocean Roll
                                salmon, tuna, escolar, yellowtail, cream cheese, asparagus, scallions, cucumber topped with scallop, masago and green tobiko
                              • Omega Roll
                                spicy salmon, onions, cucumber topped with avocado, cilantro, ikura, and salmon skins
                              • Over the Moon Roll
                                shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, scallions, eel, masago, seeds, i/o, with tuna and tempura flakes on top
                              • Surf and Turf Roll
                              • Tsunami Roll
                                spicy tuna, scallions, sesame seeds, i/o with spicy mayo blue crab on top
                              • Twin Devil Roll
                                spicy tuna, tempura flakes topped with fresh tuna, jalapenos and kimchee sauce
                              • Volcano Roll
                                kani, avocado, cucumber, topped with baked seafood, i/o, with masago, sesame seeds
                            • No Rice & No Seaweed Rolls
                                • Rock n Roll
                                  salmon, tuna, white tuna, spring mix, avocado, scallions and asparagus in light ponzu sauce
                                • Kimono Roll
                                  shrimp tempura, crab salad, avocado, spring mix, asparagus and sprouts served with yuzu ginger sauce
                                • Morikami Roll
                                  tuna, crab, avocado, spring mix, asparagus and sprouts served with spicy lemon dressing
                                • Sashimi Salad Roll
                                  spring mix, cucumber, beet root, peppers wrapped with rice paper topped with spicy tuna, salmon, white fish, orange, tomatoes, scallions and sesame seeds
                              • Cucumber Wrapped Rolls
                                  • Kanisu
                                    kani, avocado, masago and sesame seeds
                                  • KC Rainbow Roll
                                  • KC Roll
                                    salmon, kani, scallions and cream cheese with masago and scallions
                                  • KC Spicy Tuna
                                    chopped spicy tuna, scallions, masago and avocado
                                • Ganzo Special Nigiri
                                    • Special Nigiri Foie Gras
                                      truffle, balsamic soy and red tobiko
                                    • Special Nigiri Hamachi
                                      lime soy gel, serrano and micro cilantro
                                    • Special Nigiri King Crab
                                      alska king crab, spicy yuzu, masago cream
                                    • Special Nigiri Madai
                                      yuzu kosho, micro cilantro and ponzu jelly
                                    • Special Nigiri Salmon
                                      truffle creme fraiche and cured ikura
                                    • Special Nigiri Scallop
                                      yuzu pesto, sea salt, truffle and caviar
                                    • Special Nigiri Toro
                                      foie gras, balsamic soy and truffle creme fraiche
                                    • Special Nigiri Uni Toro
                                      fatty tuna, fresh uni, caviar and truffle
                                    • Special Nigiri Wagyu Beef
                                      truffle, yuzu soy, Himalaya salt and quail egg
                                    • Special Nigiri Wahoo
                                      pesto, spicy aioli and garlic chip
                                  • A La Carte
                                      • Ama Ebi
                                      • Conch
                                      • Eel
                                      • Escolar
                                      • Hamachi
                                      • Ikura
                                      • Kani
                                      • Masago
                                      • Octopus
                                      • Quail Egg
                                      • Salmon
                                      • Salmon Belly
                                      • Scallop
                                      • Shrimp
                                      • Squid
                                      • Tamago
                                      • Tobiko
                                      • Toro
                                      • Tuna
                                      • Wagyu Steak
                                      • Wahoo
                                      • Yellowtail Belly
                                    • Order Attention Required
                                        • Order Attention Required
                                      $0 Delivery Fee (Spend $10)