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    1615 Mcallister St, San Francisco, CA 94117
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    Kung Food

    4.6 (100+ ratings) • Chinese • $
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    1615 Mcallister St, San Francisco, CA 94117
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    $ • Chinese • Asian • Asian Fusion • Family Friendly
    • Picked for you
      • Vegetable Fried Rice 素菜炒饭
      • Egg Rolls 蛋卷
      • Pork Fried Rice 肉炒饭
      • Chicken Chow Mein 鸡炒面
      • Fried Rice 炒饭
    • Appetizers 小吃
        • Crab Rangoon 蟹角
          Six pieces.
        • Vegetable Spring Rolls 素菜春卷
          Three pieces.
        • Green Onion Pancakes 葱油饼
        • Fried Tofu 炸豆腐
        • Fried Pork Wonton 炸肉云吞
        • Pork Pot Stickers 肉锅贴
          Six pieces.
        • Fried Prawns 炸虾
          Eight pieces.
        • Fried Calamari 炸鲜鱿
        • BBQ Pork 叉烧
        • Spicy Hot Wings 辣鸡翅
          Eight pieces.
          Spicy 辣
        • Fried Chicken Wings 炸鸡翅
          Eight pieces.
        • Comnbination Plate 套餐盘
          Two pieces pork pot sticker, two pieces buffalo wings, two pieces crab rangoon, and two pieces spring rolls.
          2个肉锅贴, 2个水牛城辣鸡翅, 2个蟹角, 及2个春卷。
      • Soup and Salad 汤及沙拉
          • Hot and Sour Soup 酸辣汤
            Spicy 辣
          • Egg Flour Soup 蛋花汤
          • Spinach with Tofu Soup 菠菜豆腐汤
          • Vegetable Sizzling Rice Soup 蔬菜锅巴汤
          • Wonton Soup 云吞汤
          • Cucumber Salad 黄瓜沙拉
        • Mains 主菜
            • General Tso's Chicken 左宗鸡丁
              Spicy 辣
            • Egg Foo Young 蓉蛋
          • Noodles and Fried Rice 面炒饭类
              • Chicken Chow Fun 鸡炒河
              • Fried Rice 炒饭
              • Chow Mein 炒面
              • Pan-Fried Noodle 两面黄
              • White Rice 白饭
              • Brown Rice 糙米
              • House Special Pan-Fried Noodle 招牌两面黄
              • Singapore Style Rice Noodle 星洲炒米
                Spicy 辣
            • Vegetable 蔬菜
                • Hunan Garlic Eggplant 湖南蒜香茄子
                  Spicy 辣
                • Vegetable Delight 素什锦
                • General Tso’s Tofu 左宗豆腐
                  Spicy 辣
                • Dry Sauteed String Bean 干煸四季豆
                  Spicy 辣
                • String Bean with Tofu in Garlic 鱼香四季豆腐
                • Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic 蒜炒芥兰
                • Basil Tofu 九层塔豆腐
                  Spicy 辣
                • Hunan Kung Pao Tofu 湖南宫保豆腐
                  Spicy 辣
                • Black Mushroom Tofu 冬菇木耳
                • Black Mushroom with Baby Bok Choy 青江菜炒冬菇
                • Sauteed Spinach with Garlic Sauce 鱼香菠菜
                • Salt and Pepper Tofu 椒盐豆腐
                  Spicy 辣
                • Sauteed Snow Peas with Water Chesnut 荸薺炒雪豆
                • Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce 蠔油芥兰
                • Asparagus in Black Bean Sauce 豉汁芦笋
              • Poultry 家禽
                • Korean Chicken Wings 韩式鸡翅
                  Spicy 辣
                • General Tso's Chicken 左宗鸡丁
                  Spicy 辣
                • General Tso's Chicken 左宗鸡丁
                  Spicy 辣
                • Szechuan Chicken 四川鸡
                  Spicy 辣
                • Sesame Chicken 芝麻鸡
                • Lemon Chicken 柠檬鸡丁
                • Broccoli Chicken 芥兰鸡
                • Mango Chicken 芒果鸡
                  Spicy 辣
                • Orange Chicken 陈皮鸡
                  Spicy 辣
                • Curry Chicken 咖喱鸡
                  Spicy 辣
                • Cashew Nut Chicken 腰果鸡丁
                • Basil Chicken 九层塔鸡
                  Spicy 辣
                • String Beans with Chicken 四季豆鸡
                • Kung Pao Chicken 宫保鸡丁
                  Spicy 辣
                • Sweet and Sour Chicken 甜酸鸡
                • Garlic Chicken 鱼香鸡
                  Spicy 辣
                • Chicken with Black Bean Sauce 豉汁鸡丁
                • Baby Bok Choy with Chicken 青江菜鸡
                • Mangolian Chicken 蒙古鸡丁
                  Spicy 辣
                • Chicken with Vegetable 蔬菜鸡
                • Hunan Chicken 湖南鸡
                  Spicy 辣
                • Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings 椒盐鸡翅
                  Ten pieces.
                • Half Roast Duck 半只烧鸭
                  Four buns.
                • Half Peking Duck 半只北京鸭
                  Four buns.
              • Beef 牛肉
                  • Hunan Crispy Dragon Beef 湖南酥脆牛
                    Spicy 辣
                  • Mongolian Beef 蒙古牛
                    Spicy 辣
                  • Broccoli Beef 芥兰牛
                  • Sesame Beef 芝麻牛
                  • Sizzling Beef on Hot Plate 铁板牛肉
                    Juicy tender steak.
                  • String Bean Beef 四季豆牛
                    Spicy 辣
                  • Curry Beef with Fried Tofu 咖喱牛豆腐
                    Spicy 辣
                  • Oyster Sauce Beef 蠔油牛
                  • Tomato Beef 番茄牛
                  • Basil Beef 九层塔牛
                    Spicy 辣
                  • Chinese Broccoli with Beef 芥兰牛
                  • Cumin Beef 孜然牛
                    Spicy 辣
                  • Orange Beef 陈皮牛
                    Spicy 辣
                  • Black Pepper Steak 黑胡椒牛扒
                    juicy tender steak cube with fresh bell pepper and squash in black pepper sauce
                  • Asparagus with Beef in Black Bean Sauce 豉汁芦笋牛
                  • Mushroom Beef steak 蘑菇牛
                  • Beef with Scramble Egg 牛肉炒蛋
                • Pork 肉
                    • Sweet and Sour Pork 酸甜肉
                    • Mapo Tofu with Minced Pork 麻婆豆腐
                      Spicy 辣
                    • Salt and Pepper Pork Chop 椒盐猪扒
                    • Peking Pork Chop 京都猪扒
                    • Twice Cooked Pork 回锅肉
                      Spicy 辣
                    • Fried Tofu and BBQ Pork 叉烧豆腐
                    • Pork Chop with Onion 葱爆猪扒
                  • Lamb 羊
                      • Mongolian Lamb 蒙古羊
                        Spicy 辣
                      • Basil Lamb 九层塔羊肉
                        Spicy 辣
                      • Kung Pao Lamb 宫保羊
                        Spicy 辣
                      • Lamb with Black Bean Sauce 豉汁羊
                      • Mushroom Lamb 蘑菇样
                      • Garlic Lamb 蒜香羊
                      • String Bean with Lamb 四季豆羊
                    • Seafood 海鲜
                        • Walnut Prawns 杏仁虾
                          Deep-fried shrimp in a creamy sauce with glazed walnuts.
                        • Kung Pao Prawns 宫保虾球
                          Spicy 辣
                        • Prawns in Lobster Sauce 虾龙糊
                        • Curry Prawns 咖喱虾
                          Spicy 辣
                        • Salt and Pepper Prawns 椒盐虾
                        • Sweet and Sour Prawns 甜酸虾
                        • Sweet and Sour Fish 甜酸鱼
                        • Mango Prawns 芒果虾
                          Spicy 辣
                        • Calamari's in Black Bean Sauce 豉汁鲜鱿
                        • Prawns with Vegetables 蔬菜虾
                        • Prawns with Broccoli 芥兰虾
                        • Shrimp with Scrambled Egg 虾仁炒蛋
                        • Fillet in Black Bean Sauce 豉汁鱼片
                        • Lemon Fish 柠檬鱼
                        • Lemon Prawns 柠檬虾
                        • Salt and Pepper Fish 椒盐鱼
                        • Salt and Pepper Calamari 椒盐鲜鱿
                        • Prawn with Black Bean Sauce 豉汁虾
                        • Hunan Fish 湖南鱼
                          Spicy 辣
                        • String Bean Fish 四季豆鱼
                        • String Bean Prawns 四季豆虾
                        • Snow Peas with Shrimp 雪豆虾
                      • Meatless 素
                          • Kung Pao Meatless Chicken 素宫宝鸡
                            Includes soy protein, wheat and soy bean fiber, natural flour, and vegetable oil.
                            包括大豆蛋白, 小麦及大豆纤维, 天然面粉及植物油。
                            Spicy 辣
                          • Lemon Meatless Chicken 素柠檬鸡
                          • General Tsa's Meatless Chicken 素左宗鸡
                            Vegan and Spicy 全素及辣
                          • Sweet and Sour Meatless Chicken 素酸甜鸡
                          • Sesame Meatless Chicken 素芝麻鸡
                          • Orange Meatless Chicken 素陈皮鸡
                            Vegan and Spicy 全素及辣
                          • Mongolian Meatless Chicken 素蒙古鸡
                            Vegan and Spicy 全素及辣
                          • String Bean Meatless Chicken 四季豆素鸡
                          • Basil Meatless Chicken 九层塔素鸡
                            Vegan and Spicy 全素及辣
                          • Kung Pao Meatless Prawns 素宫保虾
                            vegan and spicy 全素及辣
                          • Walnut Meatless Prawns 素杏仁虾
                          • Sweet and Sour Meatless Prawns 甜酸虾
                          • String Bean Meatless Prawns 素四季豆虾
                        • Healthy Food 健康食物
                            • Steamed Mixed Vegetable 蒸什菜
                              Served with sauce on the side.
                            • Steamed Broccoli with Chicken 蒸芥兰鸡
                              Served with sauce on the side.
                            • Steamed Mixed Vegetables with Chicken 蒸什菜鸡
                              Served with sauce on the side.
                            • Steamed Mixed Vegetables with Prawns 蒸什菜虾
                              Served with sauce on the side.
                          • Mu Shu 木须
                              • Moo Shu Vegetable 木须菜
                                Served with six pancakes.
                              • Moo Shu Chicken 木须鸡
                                Served with six pancakes.
                              • Moo Shu Pork 木须肉
                                Served with six pancakes.
                              • Beef Mu Shu 木须牛
                                Served with six pancakes.
                              • Moo Shu Shrimp 木须虾
                                Served with six pancakes.
                              • Moo Shu Seafood 木须海鲜
                                Served with six pancakes.
                            • Chef Special 主厨精选
                              • Cumin Lamb 孜然羊
                                Spicy 辣
                              • Chicken Lettuce Cups 生菜包
                              • Eggplant with Chicken, and Prawns 茄子鸡虾
                                Braised eggplant sauteed with chicken, and prawn in basil sauce.
                                红烧茄子炒鸡肉, 及虾配九层塔酱。
                                Spicy 辣
                              • Hunan Grilled Butter Beef 湖南香煎牛
                                Cubed filet mignon, watercress, red onions, and Worcestershire sauce.
                                菲力牛丁, 西洋菜, 红洋葱及伍斯特酱。
                                Spicy 辣
                            • Egg Fu Young 蓉蛋
                                • Chicken Egg Fu Young 鸡蓉蛋
                                • BBQ Pork Egg Foo Young 叉烧蓉蛋
                                • Vegetable Egg Foo Young 蔬菜蓉蛋
                                • Beef Egg Foo Young 牛蓉蛋
                                • Prawns Egg Foo Young 虾蓉蛋
                                • Combo Egg Foo Young 什锦芙蓉蛋
                              • Beverages 饮料
                                  • Canned Soda 罐装汽水
                                  • Vitamin Water 维他命水
                                  • Apple Juice 苹果汁
                                  • Snapple Green & Black Tea
                                • Dessert 甜品
                                    • Fried Banana 炸香蕉
                                    • Oreo Mousse Cake 奥利奥慕斯蛋糕
                                    • New York Cheese Cake 纽约芝士蛋糕
                                    • Strawberry Swirl Cheese Cake 草莓扭纹蛋糕
                                    • Tiramsu Sponge Cake 提拉米苏海绵蛋糕
                                    • Carrot Cake 萝卜糕
                                    • Chocolate Mousse Cake 巧克力慕斯蛋糕
                                  • Dim Sum 点心
                                      • Steamed BBQ Pork Buns 蒸叉烧包
                                        Three pieces.
                                      • Shrimp Dumplings 虾饺
                                        Three pieces.
                                      • Sui Mai 烧卖
                                        Three pieces.
                                      • Shanghai Small Dragon Dumplings 上海小笼包
                                        Four pieces.
                                      • Dumplings 饺子
                                        Three pieces.
                                      • Dim Sum Combination Plate 点心套餐盘
                                        Two shrimp dumplings, two pork buns, and two sui mai.
                                        2个虾饺, 2个猪肉包, 及2个烧卖。
                                    Frequently asked questions

                                    What is the address of Kung Food in San Francisco?

                                    Kung Food is located at: 1615 McAllister St , San Francisco

                                    Is the menu for Kung Food available online?

                                    Yes, you can access the menu for Kung Food online on Postmates. Follow the link to see the full menu available for delivery and pickup.

                                    What are the most popular items on the Kung Food menu?

                                    The most ordered items from Kung Food are: White Rice 白饭, Fried Rice 炒饭, Chow Mein 炒面.

                                    Does Kung Food offer delivery in San Francisco?

                                    Yes, Kung Food offers delivery in San Francisco via Postmates. Enter your delivery address to see if you are within the Kung Food delivery radius, then place your order.

                                    Can I get free delivery from Kung Food?

                                    Delivery fees for Kung Food vary. Just enter your delivery address to see the delivery fee for your location. You could always get free delivery from Kung Food with Postmates Unlimited.

                                    Can I pick up my order from Kung Food?

                                    Postmates offers pickup from many restaurants in your city. To see if you can pick up your order from Kung Food, add items to your cart and look for the ‘pickup’ option at checkout.

                                    Can I schedule a delivery order from Kung Food?

                                    Some restaurants on Postmates allow you to schedule a delivery to show up at your location when you want it. At checkout, look for the option to select a delivery time. If it’s there, that means you can schedule your delivery from Kung Food.