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    Location and hours

    316 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220
    11:30 AM - 08:45 PMLos Potrillos (All Day) (Cincinnati)
    11:00 AM - 03:00 PMLos Potrillos (Lunch) (Cincinnati)
    Monday - Thursday
    11:30 AM - 09:15 PMLos Potrillos (All Day) (Cincinnati)
    11:00 AM - 03:00 PMLos Potrillos (Lunch) (Cincinnati)
    Friday - Saturday
    11:30 AM - 10:15 PMLos Potrillos (All Day) (Cincinnati)
    11:00 AM - 03:00 PMLos Potrillos (Lunch) (Cincinnati)

    Los Potrillos

    4.6 (100+ ratings) • Mexican • $
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    316 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220
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    $ • Mexican • Salads • Seafood • Vegetarian • American • Kids Friendly • Group Friendly
    • Picked for you
      • Spicy Burrito
      • Steak or Chicken Burrito
      • Chimichanga with Beef or Chicken
        Deep-fried and topped with cheese sauce, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. Served with rice and beans.
      • LG CHIPS & SALSA
        LG CHIPS & SALSA
      • Steak, Chicken or Mixed Fajitas
    • Appetizers
        • Fried Calamari
          Served with dipping sauce.
        • Jalapeño Poppers
          Served with dipping sauce.
        • Trio Shrimp
          Breaded shrimp, coconut, shrimp, and fried calamari, served with French fries.
        • Grilled Cheese Dip
          Our rich cheese dip with grilled chorizo, onions, tomatoes and choice of steak or chicken with warm tortillas.
        • Mex Sampler Platter
          Stuffed jalapeños, cheese quesadilla, beef nachos, panchitos, chicken wings, & chicken tenders. Perfect for sharing with your amigos.
        • Potrillo's Egg Roll
          Filled with our house seasoned shredded chicken, corn, cheese, onions and cilantro.
        • Classic Nachos
          Crispy tortilla chips topped with cheese and your favorite meat: shredded chicken or seasoned ground beef.
        • Panchitos
          Four small taquitos filled with seasoned ground beef or shredded chicken. Served with cheese dip.
        • Queso Fundido
          Melted cheese topped with chorizo, grilled onions, & mushrooms. Served with guacamole, pico de gallo, jalapeño, & tortillas.
        • Chicken Wings
          Served hot, mild, or BBQ.
        • Seasoned Ground Beef or Shredded Chicken Cheese Quesadilla
        • Mushroom & Cheese Quesadilla
        • Cheese Quesadilla
        • Grilled Chicken or Steak Quesadilla
      • Soups
          • Sopa Azteca
            A fabulous chicken soup with rice, broccoli, and avocado. Finished with melted cheese and tortilla strips.
          • Mexican Chili (Bowl)
            Our own authentic recipe.
          • Chicken Soup (Bowl)
            A rich broth simmered with shredded chicken and rice. Served with pico de gallo and our special sauce.
        • Salads
            • Shrimp Taco Salad
              Grilled shrimp, lettuce, tomato, onion, bell pepper, sour cream, and cheese fill this crispy tortilla bowl.
            • Fajita Taco Salad
              A crispy flour tortilla bowl filled with fajita steak or chicken grilled with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes. Topped with lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and cheese.
            • Grilled Shrimp Salad
              Grilled shrimp served over lettuce, tomato, onion, bell peppers and avocado.
            • Taco Salad
              Seasoned ground beef or shredded chicken fills a crisp tortilla bowl with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and guacamole.
            • Tilapia Salad
              Grilled tilapia served over lettuce, tomato, onion, & bell pepper.
            • Tossed Salad
              Lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, and onions.
            • Guacamole Salad
              Topped with guacamole.
          • Nachos
              • Nachos Carbon
                A mountain of crispy tortilla chips covered with grilled steak, shrimp, chicken, lettuce, cheese and pico de gallo.
              • Shrimp Fajita Nachos
                Shrimp grilled fajita style with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. Topped with lettuce, cheese and pico de gallo.
              • Nachos Supreme
                Beef, chicken, & beans with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.
              • Nachos Jim
                Crisp tortilla chips topped with grilled chicken or steak. Smothered with nacho cheese sauce.
            • American
                • Cheeseburger
                • Grilled Chicken Sandwich
              • Burritos
                • Spicy Burrito
                • Steak or Chicken Burrito
                • Burrito Verde
                  Filled with seasoned ground beef, onions and tomatoes. Topped with our green Chile sauce, lettuce and sour cream. Includes beans and rice.
                • Burrito Gigante
                  Giant burrito filled with seasoned ground beef and shredded chicken.rice and beans topped with our 3 special sauces and served with lettuce,guacamole and sour cream.
                • Burrito Barzon
                  Filled with grilled chicken, steak, shrimp, beans and rice. Topped with chorizo, pineapple and melted cheese.
                • Burrito California
                  Your choice of steak or chicken rolled with onions, bell peppers, & tomato. Topped with cheese sauce and ranchero sauce.
                • Burrito Marino
                  Filled with grilled shrimp, onions,bell pepper,tomatoes And covered with cheese sauce.served with lettuce tomatoes and guacamole
                • Burrito Mexicano
                  Stuffed with seasoned ground beef, onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Topped with cheese,sauce. served with lettuce,tomatoes and guacamole.
                • Burritos Potrillos
                  Two chicken and bean burritos topped with green tomatillo sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and two fried eggs.
                • Burritos Acapulco
                  Two burritos: one filled with chicken and one with steak, beans and our special acapulco sauce. served guacamole salad and pico de gallo.
                • Burritos Relleno
                  Filled with seasoned ground beef and shredded chicken, sour cream, pico de gallo, lettuce, rice and beans.
              • Fajitas
                  • Fajitas Jalisco
                    A combination of steak, chicken, and shrimp.
                  • Steak, Chicken or Mixed Fajitas
                  • Shrimp Fajitas
                  • Fajitas Chorizo
                    Your choice of chicken or steak sautéed with chorizo.
                  • Fajitas Del Mar
                    Crab, fish, & shrimp.
                • Steak
                    • Carne Asada
                      Grilled steak served with rice, beans, tomato, & avocado.
                    • Steak & Shrimp San Jose
                      Tender t-bone grilled and topped with grilled shrimp. Smothered with onions and mushrooms hot off the grill. Includes a tossed salad and baked potato.
                    • Steak & Shrimp
                      A tender grilled rib eye teamed with grilled shrimp. Served with rice, beans, vegetables and tortillas.
                    • T-Bone Steak & Potato
                      A juicy t-bone grilled to your liking. Served with a baked potato and tossed salad.
                    • Rib Eye Steak Degollado
                      A tender steak served with two eggs and beans.
                    • Rib Eye Steak Tampiquena
                      Grilled rib eye served with rice, beans, salad and tortillas.
                    • Rib Eye Steak Ranchero
                      Spicy ranchero sauce tops this grilled rib eye. Served with rice, beans and warm tortillas.
                    • Steak Guadalajara
                      Sizzling rib eye steak served with French fries, rice and tossed salad.
                    • Ribeye Steak Mexicano
                      Smothered with sautéed onions, tomatoes and bell peppers. Served with rice, beans, & tortillas.
                  • Vegetarian
                      • Vegetable Fajitas
                        Fresh tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, & bell peppers. Served with beans & tortillas.
                      • #26. Chalupa, Cheese Enchilada & Beans
                      • #27. Two Bean Burritos & Nacho Cheese Sauce
                      • #28. Bean Burrito, Cheese Enchilada & Chalupa
                      • #29. Bean Burrito, Cheese Quesadilla & Chalupa
                      • #30. Cheese and vegetables Quesadilla, Rice & Beans
                      • #31. Two Potato Enchiladas, Rice & Beans
                    • Seafood
                        • Shrimp a la Mexicana
                          Grilled shrimp simmered in ranchero sauce and topped with cheese sauce. Served with rice and beans.
                        • Camarones Cozumel
                          Plump, grilled shrimp simmered with pineapple sauce and served over rice with broccoli and cauliflower.
                        • Camarones Jalisco
                          Shrimp wrapped in bacon and grilled until sizzling. Served with rice, beans, lettuce, peppers and onions.
                        • Nicole Three Seafood Special
                          Grilled lobster, shrimp and tilapia plated with broccoli, cauliflower and rice. Served with guacamole salad and a big baked potato.
                        • Grilled Salmon
                          Served on a bed of white rice with special sauce and side of broccoli.
                        • Salmon El Chilango
                          Fried or grilled and topped with shrimp. Served with white rice and broccoli. Covered with cheese sauce.
                        • Salmon a la Mexicana
                          Specially seasoned grilled salmon served with broccoli, cauliflower, rice and a baked potato.
                        • Tilapia El Chilango
                          Fried or grilled, served with white rice, black beans and broccoli.
                        • Camarones a la Diabla
                          Hot & spicy grilled shrimp served with rice, beans and warm tortillas.
                        • Camarones al Mojo de Ajo
                          Shrimp grilled with plenty of garlic and onions. Served with rice, beans, lettuce, pico de galo and tortillas.
                        • Triple Seafood Soup
                          Combination of shrimp, crab and fish in Mexican cocktail sauce.
                        • Camarones Deluxe
                          A generous portion of breaded shrimp served with rice and pico de gallo.
                        • Pescado Empanizado
                          Breaded white fish fried golden and served with rice, lettuce, tomato and peppers.
                        • Tostada de Ceviche
                          Two crisp corn tortillas topped with shrimp. Marinated in lime juice with tomato, onion, peppers, jalapeños and avocado.
                        • It's Special Shrimp
                          Grilled shrimp served over rice and smothered with cheese sauce.
                        • Shrimp & Scallops
                          Shrimp and scallops hot from the grill topped with cheese sauce and ranchero sauce. Served with rice and beans.
                        • Veracruz Shrimp
                          Shrimp simmered with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. Served with rice and beans.
                        • Yucatan Shrimp in the Garden
                          Grilled shrimp surrounded with yellow squash, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, & mushrooms, served with rice, lettuce, guacamole and sour cream.
                      • Combinations
                          • Guadalajara
                            One shredded chicken burrito and one chicken enchilada topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, and shredded cheese.
                          • Guadalajara Special
                            We fill this big plate with one tamale, two taquitos nachos with chicken or beef topped with beans & cheese. Served with lettuce, guacamole, & sour cream.
                          • Taco, Two Enchiladas & Rice
                          • Taco, Enchilada & Chalupa
                          • Taco, Enchilada & Chile Relleno
                          • Two Tacos, Enchilada & Chile con Queso
                          • Two Enchiladas, Rice & Beans
                          • Enchilada, Taco, Rice & Beans
                          • Enchilada, Chile Relleno, Rice & Beans
                          • Enchilada, Tamale, Rice & Beans
                          • Enchilada, Chalupa & Rice
                          • Two Tacos, Rice & Beans
                          • Burrito, Taco & Enchilada
                          • Chalupa, Chile Relleno & Beans
                          • Enchilada, Burrito & Chile Relleno
                          • Burrito, Taco, Rice & Beans
                        • Favorites
                            • Roberto Special for Two Served on Fire!
                              Chicken, sausage, shrimp and ribeye steak cooked in our special sauce with green peppers, onions and tomatoes. Served with rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream and guacamole. Topped with roasted jalapeños.
                            • Chicken or Steak Molcajete
                              A delightful stew of chicken or steak simmered with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and potatoes. Topped with cheese and served with lettuce, tomato, pico de gallo and sour cream.
                            • Joe's Special
                              A delicious combination of chicken, shrimp, chorizo and yellow squash grilled to perfection topped with cheese sauce.
                            • Chimichanga with Beef or Chicken
                              Deep-fried and topped with cheese sauce, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. Served with rice and beans.
                            • Chimichanga with Shrimp
                              Grilled shrimp fills this deep-fried chimichanga. Served with guacamole salad, rice and beans.
                          • Niños
                              • Small Taco Salad
                              • Taco, Rice, & Beans
                              • Enchilada, Rice, & Beans
                              • Burrito, Rice, & Beans
                              • Quesadilla, Rice, & Beans
                              • Grilled Cheese & Fries
                              • Chicken Sandwich & Fries
                              • Chicken Fingers & Fries
                              • Hamburger & Fries
                              • Cheese Pizza
                              • Hot Dog
                              • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
                            • Dips
                                • Guacamole Dip
                                • Bean Dip
                                • Cheese Dip
                              • Chips & Salsa
                                  • Chips & Salsa
                                  • LG CHIPS & SALSA
                                    LG CHIPS & SALSA
                                  • large salsa
                                • A la Carte
                                    • TACO VEGAN
                                    • Burrito
                                    • TACOS PAISA
                                      soft corn tortilla.choice your meat steak,chicken,al pastor,carnitas or shrimp.topped with cilantro,onios and tomatilllo salsa on the side.
                                    • Fried Burritos (2)
                                    • Enchiladas
                                    • Bean Chalupa
                                    • Beef Tostada
                                    • Beef & Bean Tostaguac
                                    • Beef Hard Taco
                                    • Beef or Chicken Soft Taco
                                    • Lettuce
                                    • Rice & Beans
                                    • Tamale
                                    • Chile Relleno
                                    • Mexican Rice
                                    • Re-fried Beans
                                    • Sour Cream
                                    • Three Tortillas
                                    • French Fries
                                    • Side of Pico de Gallo
                                    • Side of Tomatoes
                                    • Shredded Cheese
                                  • Beverages
                                      • Juice
                                        Orange, cranberry, pineapple.
                                      • Soft Drink
                                      • Iced Tea
                                      • Lemonade
                                      • Milk
                                      • Jarritos
                                    • Quesadillas
                                      • super quesadilla
                                      • Quesadilla rellena
                                      • spinach quesadilla
                                        Filled with spinach,vegggies and cheese serverd with white rice and guacamole salad.
                                      • special fajita quesadilla
                                        steak,chicken or mix with cheese. served with rice and beans
                                      • Fajita quesadilla shrimp
                                        Grilled shrimp with bell peppers,onios,tomatoes with cheese . served with rice and beans.
                                      • Quesadilla tropicana
                                        Grilled tortilla with steak,chicken,shrimp tomatoes,onios,pineapple and bell peppers.covered wiith cheese and served with lettice and sour cream.
                                      • Potrillos quesadilla
                                        combination of steak,chicken and shrimp cooked with black beans and corn.served with rice, beans,pico de gallo, lettuce and sour cream.
                                    Frequently asked questions

                                    What is the address of Los Potrillos in Cincinnati?

                                    Los Potrillos is located at: 316 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220, USA , Cincinnati

                                    Is the menu for Los Potrillos available online?

                                    Yes, you can access the menu for Los Potrillos online on Postmates. Follow the link to see the full menu available for delivery and pickup.

                                    What are the most popular items on the Los Potrillos menu?

                                    The most ordered items from Los Potrillos are: Cheese Dip, Chips and Salsa, Arroz Con Pollo.

                                    Does Los Potrillos offer delivery in Cincinnati?

                                    Yes, Los Potrillos offers delivery in Cincinnati via Postmates. Enter your delivery address to see if you are within the Los Potrillos delivery radius, then place your order.

                                    Can I get free delivery from Los Potrillos?

                                    Delivery fees for Los Potrillos vary. Just enter your delivery address to see the delivery fee for your location. You could always get free delivery from Los Potrillos with Postmates Unlimited.

                                    Can I pick up my order from Los Potrillos?

                                    Postmates offers pickup from many restaurants in your city. To see if you can pick up your order from Los Potrillos, add items to your cart and look for the ‘pickup’ option at checkout.

                                    Can I schedule a delivery order from Los Potrillos?

                                    Some restaurants on Postmates allow you to schedule a delivery to show up at your location when you want it. At checkout, look for the option to select a delivery time. If it’s there, that means you can schedule your delivery from Los Potrillos.