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    Philz Coffee (College Ave)
    Too far to deliver

    Philz Coffee (College Ave)

    View delivery time and booking fee.

    Location and hours

    Every Day
    06:00 AM - 06:00 PM
    ¢¢ • Cafe • Coffee and Tea • Breakfast and Brunch • Only available here

    6310 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94705 • More

    • Darker Blends (1lb Bag)

      • Aromatic Arabic

        AROMAS: Smoke, Walnut, Earth ACIDITY: Low BODY: Full
      • Ether

        AROMAS: Toffee, Cherry, Cinnamon ACIDITY: Low BODY: Full
      • Jacob's Wonderbar

        AROMAS: Dark Chocolate, Smoke, Nuts ACIDITY: Low BODY: Full
      • Julie's Ultimate

        AROMAS: Toast, Berry, Vanilla ACIDITY: Low BODY: Full
      • Tantalizing Turkish

        AROMAS: Cardamom, Herbs, Tobacco ACIDITY: Low BODY: Full
      • Ecstatic

        AROMAS: Chocolate, Syrup, Caramel ACIDITY: Medium BODY: Full
    • Medium Blends (1lb Bag)

      • Tesora

        AROMAS: Caramel, Nuts, Butter ACIDITY: Medium BODY: Full
      • Greater Alarm

        AROMAS: Cashew, Pineapple, Cocoa ACIDITY: High BODY: Light
      • Philharmonic

        AROMAS: Cardamom, Maple, Earth ACIDITY: Medium BODY: Medium
      • Philtered Soul

        AROMAS: Hazelnut Flavor, Chocolate ACIDITY: Low BODY: Medium
      • Silken Splendor

        AROMAS: Dark Cocoa, Citrus, Butterscotch ACIDITY: Medium BODY: Medium
    • Lighter Blends (1lb Bag)

      • Ambrosia Coffee of God

        AROMAS: Blackberry, Grape, Toast ACIDITY: Medium BODY: Medium
      • Dancing Water

        AROMAS: Milk Chocolate, Grains, Cashew ACIDITY: Medium BODY: Light
      • New Manhattan

        AROMAS: Citrus, Cherry, Floral ACIDITY: High BODY: Light
    • Decaf (1lb Bag)

      • Decaf Colombia Darker Roast

        AROMAS: Smoke, Maple, Herbs ACIDITY: Low BODY: Full
      • Decaf House Medium Blend

        AROMAS: Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Citrus ACIDITY: Medium BODY: Medium
      • Decaf Ethiopia Lighter Roast

        AROMAS: Caramel, Tropical Fruit, Chocolate ACIDITY: Medium BODY: Medium
    • Single Origin (1lb Bag)

      • Hazelnut

        AROMAS: Hazelnut, Almond, Milk Chocolate ACIDITY: Low BODY: Medium