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    Location and hours

    41 E Main St, Patchogue, NY 11772
    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Monday - Friday
    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

    Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company

    Coffee and Tea • $
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    41 E Main St, Patchogue, NY 11772
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    • Lockdown Lattes
        • Triple Marble Mocha
          ( contains dairy ) white and dark chocolate, creamy espresso and milk oh, and we've added an extra shot.
        • Iced Triple Marble Mocha
          ( contains dairy ) like the original, but iced.
        • Iced Liquid Relaxation
          Hibiscus, lavender, jasmine, mint, and chamomile teas steeped together to perfection and iced for a refreshing and relaxing experience.
        • Candied Hazelnut Latte
          ( contains dairy ) with hazelnut and cinnamon mixed into creamy espresso.
        • Iced Candied Hazelnut Latte
          ( contains dairly ) like the original, but iced !
      • Espresso Bar
          • Espresso
            Single, double or triple shot.
          • Cortado
            Textured milk and two espresso shots in equal parts.
          • Cappuccino
            Foamed milk poured over espresso.
          • Latte
            Textured milk poured over espresso.
          • Iced Latte
            Cold milk poured over espresso and ice.
          • Americano
            Hot water poured over espresso.
          • Iced Americano
            Cold water poured over espresso and ice.
        • Brewed Coffees
            • Regular Brew
              House roasted, freshly ground and drip brewed.
            • Cold Brew
              Freshly roasted and cold brewed for a perfectly smooth and refreshing taste.
            • Cafe Au Lait
              Coffee with steamed milk.
          • Spring Specials
              • Iced Vanilla Bean Honeysuckle Latte
                Made with real vanilla bean and wildflower honey.
              • Vanilla Bean Honeysuckle Latte
                Just like the original but hot.
              • Taro Latte
                A delicious and nutritious hawaiian root vegetable, finely milled into a power and incorporated into milk.
              • Iced Nutty Irishman
                Smooth irish cream flavoring mixed with hazelnut for a deliciously - nutty latte.
              • The Nutty Irishman
                Just like the original, but hot.
              • Iced Pistachio's And Cream
                ( contains dairy ) sweet and smooth with pistachio and white chocolate.
              • Pistachio's And Cream
                ( contains dairy ) just like the original, but hot.
            • Hot Teas
                • Black Teas
                  Full and bold flavors.
                • Green Teas
                  Sweet and mellow options.
                • Tisane Teas
                  Caffeine free blends of herbs, spices, fruits, florals, roots, and bark.
                • White Tea
                  Delicate flavor, antioxidant rich and organic.
                • Oolang Tea
                  If green and black teas are at extremes, oolong fits right in the middle.
                • Coffee Cherry Tea
                  Sweetly pleasant and more like black tea than coffee.
                • Yerba Mate
              • Hot Tea Lattes
                  • Chai Tea Latte
                    Secret blend of sweet and spicy with steamed milk.
                  • Matcha Tea Latte
                    Finely ground organic japanese green tea mixed with steamed milk.
                  • Buccaneer Tea Latte
                    Coconut flavored- black tea latte.
                  • London Fog
                    Sweet and floral with notes of vanilla and steamed milk.
                  • Spiced Golden Milk
                    An organic blend of turmeric, ginger and other indian spices with melted organic coconut oil and steamed almond milk.
                • Iced Teas And Tea Lattes
                    • Iced Chai Tea Latte
                      Secret blend of sweet and spicy with cold milk and ice.
                    • Iced Matcha Tea Latte
                      Japanese shade - grown, certified organic tencha ( green tea ) milled to a super fine powder dissolved into milk and poured over ice.
                    • Iced Fiji Green Tea
                      Organic green tea flavored with juicy pineapple & a touch of papaya.
                    • Iced Strictly Strawberry Tea
                      It's like strawberry picking on a warm summer's day caffeine free and organic.
                    • Iced Black Tea
                      Bold black organic tea with southern charm.
                  • Not Just For Kids
                      • Milk Steamer
                        Steamed milk with a flavor of your choice.
                      • Hot Chocolate
                        Delicious and creamy.
                    • Mains
                        • Box Of Joe
                          cold coffee lasts a week or two, stick it in the fridge and drink it all week.
                        • Box Of Coco
                          96oz box of delicious hot chocolate to take to the party ! Serves between 10-12- 12oz cups.
                        • Growler Of Cold Brew
                          64oz of delcious and caffeinated cold brew coffee.
                      • Grab And Go Drinks
                          • Poland Spring
                          • Essentia Water
                          • Purity Coconut Water
                          • Spindrift Sparkling Water
                          • Sparkling Ice
                          • Yerba Mate Can
                          • Tropicana Orange Juice
                          • Boylan Cane Soda
                          • Hal's Seltzer Water
                        • Snacks And Goodies
                            • Scones
                            • Protein Bakery Pastries
                            • La Bello Vegan Sweets
                            • No Gluten Kneaded
                              All gluten free, all delicious, all of the time.
                          • Loose Leaf Tea
                              • Black Tea
                                Full and bold flavors.
                              • Green Tea
                              • Tisane Tea
                              • White Tea
                              • Oolong Tea
                              • Yerba Mate
                              • Coffee Cherry