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    Roni's Diner
    Too far to deliver

    Roni's Diner

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    Location and hours

    03:00 AM - 03:30 AMLunch
    05:00 AM - 05:30 AMBreakfast
    Monday - Saturday

    1388 Daisy Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90813 • More

    • Add Utensils

      • Straw

        ''Uber Eats wants to help reduce waste! Please add to cart if you would like to request a straw.''
    • Starters

      • Buffalo Chicken Tenders

        Served mild or spicy with blue cheese dressing, carrots, and celery.
      • French Fries

        Served with garlic aioli.
      • Sweet Potato Fries

        Served with signature spicy ketchup, and honey mustard dipping sauce.
      • Homemade Beer Battered Onion Rings

        Served with ranch dipping sauce.
      • Tater Tots

        Served with a garlic aioli.
    • Salad

      • Greek Salad

        Mix greens, cucumbers,tomato, onions, kalamata olives and feta served with lemon vinaigrette.
      • Joseph’s Buffalo Chicken Salad

        Chopped romaine, sliced celery and carrots, chopped bacon, cheddar cheese topped with buffalo chicken tossed in buffalo ranch dressing.
      • Timeless Tuna Salad

        Mixed greens topped with a scoop of our famous white albacore tuna, avocados, sliced cucumbers, and tomatoes.
      • Chopped Italian Salad

        Italian salami, chopped lettuce, tomatoes, olives, garbanzo beans, and mozzarella cheese topped with pepperoncini.
      • The Gunnar Peterson

        Chopped spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, and tomatoes topped with your choice of cajun blackened wild salmon or cajun blackened chicken tossed with olive oil.
      • Caremen’s Barbecue Chicken Salad

        Tangy barbecue chicken, grilled corn, avocado, tomato, and chopped lettuce. Served with honey mustard
      • South by Southwest

        Blackened chicken, corn,tomatoes,avocado, black beans, jicama, cilantro, cheddar cheese, crispy tortilla strips, tossed with a creamy tomatillo dressing.
    • Mains

      • The Tuscany

        Chefs favorite, all white grilled chicken breast, sun dried tomatoes, avocado, mozzarella cheese, and homemade ranch dressing.
      • The Rancher

        Fried chicken breast, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, bacon, and ranch dressing, served on a warm bun.
      • Tuna Salad Sandwich

        Best tuna in town, all white albacore, celery, lettuce tomato, and pickles.
      • Barbecue Chicken Wrap

        Barbecue chicken, tomato, cilantro, grilled corn and a touch of honey mustard wrapped in a sun dried tomato and basil tortilla.
      • Amanda’s Tuna Wrap

        Signature tuna, lettuce, tomato, and ranch dressing wrapped in a sun dried tomato, and basil tortilla.
      • The Burger

        Angus beef patty, spread, smashed avocado, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and pickled red onions.
      • Imposible Burger

        Impossible burger patty, vegan cheese, vegan spread, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and grilled onions.
      • Josh’s Chicken Tenders and Fries

        Breaded chicken breast topped with marinara sauce mozzarella, and parmesan cheese. Served with linguini marinara.
    • Holy Grain Bowls

      • Salmon Bowl

        Salmon, brown rice, cucumbers, sweet onions, carrots, toasted almonds, fresh mint and basil, with a ginger sesame dressing.
      • The Juarez Bowl

        Chicken tinga, black beans, Spanish rice, a fried egg, avocado, pico de gallo, crisp tortilla strips.
      • Roasted Veggie Bowl

        Farro, sweet potatoes, kale, brussels sprouts, pepitas, and lemon vinaigrette on the side.
      • Teryaki Bowl

        Teriyaki chicken, brown rice and steam vegetables topped with toasted sesame seeds.
      • Paper Town

        Quinoa, spinach, broccoli, sriracha, and avocado.
    • Beverages

      • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

      • Apple Juice

      • Cranberry Juice

      • Milk

      • Soda

      • Bottle Water

      • Sparkling Water

    • Desserts

      • Shes Just a Dancer Brownie

        Chewy chocolate brownie.
      • Two Churros

    • Add Utensils

      • Straw

        ''Uber Eats wants to help reduce waste! Please add to cart if you would like to request a straw.''
    • Mains

      • Good Morning Popeye Omlette

        Served with toast. Eggs spinach, sauteed mushrooms, and Swiss cheese.
      • Sophia’s Greek Omelette

        Served with toast. Spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and feta cheese.
      • You’re the Chef

        Served with toast. Design your own omelette. Pick four items ADDITIONAL ITEM One.
      • 2 X 2 Protein Combo

        Served with toast. Two whole eggs and two egg whites scrambled with chicken, feta cheese, and avocado.
      • The All American

        Served with toast. Two eggs any style.
      • The Chavella Burrito

        Served with toast. Eggs, cheese, pico de gallo, potatoes, bacon, sausage, and avocado black beans.
      • The Chori Burrito

        Served with toast. Chorizo Roja, tater tots, eggs scrambled, and cheese in a flour tortillalauras wrap.
      • The La Neta Burrito

        Served with toast. Eggs over easy, bacon, tater tots, avocado, cheddar, salsa Roja, and crema in a flour tortilla.
      • Lauras Burrito

        Served with toast. Two egg whites, avocado, feta cheese, and grilled spinach in a wheat tortilla.
    • From The Griddle

      • Three Buttermlik Pancakes

      • Chocolate Chip Pancakes

      • Jackson's Combo

        Two pancakes, two eggs, and two pieces of meat.
    • Acai Bowls

      • Classic Bowl

        Base: Acai, Banana, Strawberry, Apple Juice Topping: GF/Vegan Granola, Banana, Strawberry Blueberry, Goji Berry, Local Honey
      • Selfie Bowl

        Acai, Banana, Mango, Pineapple Coconut Milk Toppings: GF/ vegan Granola, Strawberry, Blueberry, Coconut Shavings, Local Honey
      • Angry Trainer Bowl

        Base: Acai, Peanut Butter, Banana, Blueberry, Pea ProteinProtein Powder, Hemp Milk Toppings: GF/ Vegan Granola, Almonds, Banana, Blueberry, Hemp Seed, Local Honey
    • Smoothies and Juices

      • Ah Sigh E

      • Go Green

      • Skinny Jeans

      • Pinky Promise

      • Can I Get Immunity

      • "Capo"

      • Turmeric Tonic Wellness Shot