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    5260 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803
    Sunday - Thursday
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    12:00 PM - 4:00 PMLunch Menu
    Friday - Saturday
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    Sushi Ai (Long Beach)

    4.8 (52 ratings) • Sushi • $$$
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    5260 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803
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    $$$ • Sushi • Asian • Japanese
    • Picked for you
        • Baked Salmon Roll
        • Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna
        • Tempura Shrimp
        • Popcorn Shrimp
          Tempura shrimp with mayo sauce.
        • Yellowtail Sashimi
      • Bowls
          • Poki Bowls
            Assorted fish and vegetables with brown dressing on a bed of sushi rice.
          • Chirashi Bowls
            Variety of sashimi and seaweed salad on a bed of sauce rice.
          • Unagi Bowls
            Fresh water eel, seaweed salad and avocado on a bed of sushi rice.
          • Chicken Bowls
            Grilled chicken with steamed vegetables on the rice.
          • Beef Bowls
            Grilled marinated beef with steamed vegetables on the rice.
        • Salads
            • House Salads
              Choice of sesame dressing or brown dressing.
            • Tofu Salad
              Tempura tofu with chopped greens.
            • Seaweed Salad
            • Salmon Skin Salad
            • Poki Salad with Brown Dressing
              Chunk sashimi, cilantro, avocado, onion.
          • Sashimi Special & Carpaccio
              • 4 Kinds Sashimi
                12 pieces of tuna, salmon, albacore, white fish.
              • 6 Kinds Sashimi
              • Yuzu Yellow Tail with Jalapenos
              • Yellowtail with Yuzu Truffle Garlic Chips
              • Seared Salmon with Truffle Caviar
              • Pepper Salmon with Garlic Ponzu
              • Albacore with Crispy Onion
              • Yuzu Koshu Halibut with Jalapeño
              • Yuzu Bluefin Tuna with cilantro
              • Blue fin Toro w/ Kizami Ponzu
            • Maki
                • California Roll
                • Spicy Tuna Roll
                • Tuna Roll
                • Negi Toro Roll
                • Baked Crab Roll (Soy Paper)
                • Baked Blue Crab Roll(Soy Paper)
                  Soy paper.
                • Blue Crab Roll
                • Snow Crab with Avocado Roll
                • Yellowtail Roll
                • Negi Hamachi Roll
                • Albacore Roll
                • Salmon Roll
                • Salmon Skin Roll
                • Philadelphia Roll
                • Octopus Roll
                • Jumbo Scallops Roll
                • Eel & Avocado Roll
                • Avocado & Cucumber Roll
                • Vegetable Roll (Comes with Salad)
                • Creamy Salmon Roll (soy paper)
              • Fresh, Backed & Tempura - Roll
                • Spicy Alaska Roll
                • Salmon Lovers Roll
                • Scottish Pepper Salmon with Garlic Ponzu Roll
                • Lance Roll
                • Baked Salmon Roll
                • Vegas Roll
                • Crispy Onion Roll
                • Spicy Yellowtail with Albacore Roll
                • Albacore & Spicy Tuna with Fried Arugula Roll
                • Crazy Roll
                • Seared Albacore with Truffle Roll
                • Stinky Roll
                • Baked Albacore & Baby Lobster
                • Albacore & Yellowtail with Spicy California
                • Fire
                • Spicy Cali Tuna with Cilantro
                • Tataki Special
                • Yuzu Yellotail with Spicy Tuna
                • Yellowtail & Pepper Salmon
                • Rainbow
                • Finding Nemo
                • Havana Pearl
                • Microtech Sashimi
                • Spicy Tuna Tempura with Garlic Ponzu
                • Jumbo Scallop with Mayo
                • Shrimp Crunch
                • Spicy Tiger
                • Baby Lobster Crunch
                • Chubbay Lobster
                • Dragon
                • Eel Crunch
                • Spider
                • Fried Tofu & Veggies with Seaweeds Salads
                • Alaska
                • Hawaiian Roll
                • Hawaiian Garlic Roll
                • Spicy Yuzu Baked Halibut
                • Baked Jumbo Scallop
                • Spicy Shrimp Crunch Roll
                  Shrimp Tempura & Spicy Tuna
                • Yuzu Scallop w/ Tuna & Albacore
              • Izakaya - Small Dish
                  • Edamame
                  • Spicy Garlic Edamame
                  • Spicy Garlic Shishito Pepper
                  • Agedashi Tofu
                  • Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna
                  • Fried Jalapeño & Spicy Tuna w/ Cream Cheese
                  • Soft Shell Crab
                  • Grilled Collar Salmon
                    Its take 20 min for perfection.
                  • Grilled Collar Yellow Tail
                    Its take 20 min for perfection.
                  • Baked Mussels
                    4 pieces.
                  • Popcorn Shrimp
                    Tempura shrimp with mayo sauce.
                  • Tempura Shrimp
                  • Tempura Vegetables
                  • Mixed Tempura
                  • Beef Gyoza
                  • Chicken Karaage
                    Japanese style fried chicken breast.
                  • Korean BBQ Short Rib Appetizer
                • Sushi
                    • Blue Fin Tuna Sushi
                    • Blue Fin Toro Sushi
                    • Albacore Sushi
                    • Yellowtail Sushi
                    • Yelowtail Belly Sushi
                    • Salmon Sushi
                    • Salmon Belly Sushi
                    • Pepper Salmon Sushi
                    • Salmon with Cavier Sushi
                    • Salmon Egg Sushi
                    • Ono Sushi
                    • Halibut Sushi
                    • Halibut Fin Sushi
                    • Kampachi Sushi (Amberjack)
                    • Snapper Sushi
                    • Aji Sushi (Spanish Mackerel)
                      Spanish mackerel.
                    • Saba Sushi (Japanese Mackerel)
                      Japanese mackerel.
                    • Shrimp Sushi
                    • Amaebia Sushi
                      Sweet shrimp.
                    • Jumbo Scallop Sushi
                    • Octopus Sushi
                    • Uni Sushi (Sea Urchin)
                    • Snow Crab Sushi
                    • Fresh Water Eel Sushi
                    • Masago Sushi (Smelt Roe)
                      Smelt roe.
                    • Tamago Sushi (Egg)
                  • Sashimi
                      • Albacore Sashimi
                      • Yellowtail Sashimi
                      • Yellowtail Belly Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Salmon Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Salmon Belly Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Pepper Salmon Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Salmon Egg Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Ono Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Halibut Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Halibut Fin Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Kampachi Ssashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Snapper Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Aji Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Saba Sashimi
                        Japanese mackerel.
                      • Shrimp Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Amaebi Sashimi (4pcs)
                        Sweet shrimp. 4 pieces.
                      • Jumbo Scallop Sashimi (6pc)
                        6 pieces.
                      • Octopus Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Snow Crab Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Fresh Water Eel Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Masago Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Tamago Egg Sashimi
                        5 pieces.
                      • Blue Fin Tuna Sashimi
                      • Blue Fin Toro Sashimi (4pcs)
                      • Uni Sashimi
                    • Sushi Combination
                        • Sushi Dinner
                          7 pieces sushi tuna, salmon albacore, white fish, ono, yello tail, shrimp. 4 pieces of California roll and 4 pieces of spicy tuna roll.
                        • Sashimi Dinner
                          15 pieces sashimi tuna, salmon, albacore, yellowtail, ono.
                        • Sushi & Sashimi Dinner
                          6 pieces sushi tuna, salmon, albacore, white fish, ono, yellotail and 9 pieces sashimi tuna, salmon, white fish.
                      • Dinner Combination
                          • Combo A
                          • Como B
                            Choice of chicken or spicy, 2 pieces sushi tuna and salmon, 3 pieces sashimi ono, albacore and white fish, 4 pieces shrimp crunch roll.
                        • Noodles
                            • Tempura Udon
                            • Chicken Udon
                            • Seafood Udon
                          • Kids Meal
                              • Chicken
                                Served with rice, three pieces gyoza.
                              • Beef
                                Served with rice, three pieces gyoza.
                              • Salmon
                                Served with rice, three pieces gyoza.
                            • Sides
                                • Side Miso Soup
                                • Side Rice
                                • Side Sushi Rice
                                • Side Black Rice
                                • Side Real Wasabi
                                • Side Gobo
                                • Side Dry Seaweed
                              Frequently asked questions

                              What is the address of Sushi Ai (Long Beach) in Long Beach?

                              Sushi Ai (Long Beach) is located at: 5260 E 2nd St , Long Beach

                              Is the menu for Sushi Ai (Long Beach) available online?

                              Yes, you can access the menu for Sushi Ai (Long Beach) online on Postmates. Follow the link to see the full menu available for delivery and pickup.

                              What are the most popular items on the Sushi Ai (Long Beach) menu?

                              The most ordered items from Sushi Ai (Long Beach) are: Side Miso Soup, Spicy Garlic Edamame, California Roll.

                              Does Sushi Ai (Long Beach) offer delivery in Long Beach?

                              Yes, Sushi Ai (Long Beach) offers delivery in Long Beach via Postmates. Enter your delivery address to see if you are within the Sushi Ai (Long Beach) delivery radius, then place your order.

                              Can I get free delivery from Sushi Ai (Long Beach)?

                              Delivery fees for Sushi Ai (Long Beach) vary. Just enter your delivery address to see the delivery fee for your location. You could always get free delivery from Sushi Ai (Long Beach) with Postmates Unlimited.

                              Can I pick up my order from Sushi Ai (Long Beach)?

                              Postmates offers pickup from many restaurants in your city. To see if you can pick up your order from Sushi Ai (Long Beach), add items to your cart and look for the ‘pickup’ option at checkout.

                              Can I schedule a delivery order from Sushi Ai (Long Beach)?

                              Some restaurants on Postmates allow you to schedule a delivery to show up at your location when you want it. At checkout, look for the option to select a delivery time. If it’s there, that means you can schedule your delivery from Sushi Ai (Long Beach).