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    Location and hours

    830 E Ogden Ave, Westmont, IL 60559
    10:30 AM - 10:00 PMAPPETIZERS
    Monday - Saturday
    10:30 AM - 10:00 PMAPPETIZERS
    11:00 AM - 02:30 PMLUNCH

    Sushi House (Westmont)

    4.8 (41 ratings) • Sushi • $$
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    830 E Ogden Ave, Westmont, IL 60559
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    $$ • Sushi • Japanese • Noodles • Asian • Healthy • Salads • Soup
    • Picked for you
        • Chicken Katsu
        • Godzilla Roll
          Shrimp tempura,masago,cream cheese,cucumber ,avocado with crunch crumbs outside.served with unagi sauce and wasabi mayo.
        • Spicy Tuna Roll
          Tuna in spicy sauce.
        • Sushi Matsu
          Chef's choice of 8 piece sushi and 1 tuna roll.
        • Spring Step Roll
          Negihamachi,avocado,cilantro,ponzu sauce,with jalapeño on top.
      • Appetizers
          • A-Hamachi Jalapeno
            Sliced yellowtail served with jalapeño and ponzu sauce.
          • A-Shrimp Tempura
            Shrimp and vegetables,battered and deep fried.Served with tempura sauce.
          • A -Veggi Tempura
            Mixed vegetables battered and deep fried,served with tempura sauce.
          • Agedashi Tofu
            Fried tofu served with seaweed, radish & scallions in hot dashi broth.
          • Chicken Song
            Diced chicken breast sautéed with shiitake mushrooms and pine nuts wrapped in a crispy lettuce leaf.
          • Edamame
            Boiled fresh soybean with shell, lightly salted.
          • Gyoza
            6 crispy fried Japanese pork dumplings served with ponzu sauce.
          • Pepper Salt Avocado
            A dancing crispy new vegetable dish!Light battered,deep-fried avocado drizzled with house pepper salt,accompanied with basil,red pepper,onions and jalapeño.
          • Pork Spring Roll
            Two fried spring rolls stuffed with seasoned vegetables, shiitake mushrooms and pork.
          • Shanghai Dumplings
            Light pan-fried Shanghai style vegetable dumplings.
          • Shrimp Shumai
            Steamed shrimp dumplings
          • Soft Shell Crab
            Deep fried soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce.
          • Szechwan Soft Shell Crab
            Crispy fried soft-shell crab tossed with Szechwan chili pepper, jalapeno, onion & cilantro.
          • Yakitori Chicken
            Broiled chicken & vegetable on skewer served with teriyaki sauce.
          • Crab Rangoon
            Crispy fried dumpling stuffed with cream cheese & scallions.
          • Vegtable Spring Roll
        • Soups & Greens
            • Cucumber Salad
              Cucumbers with sweet vinegar sauce.
            • Ebi Sunomono
              Shrimp,wakame seaweed and cucumbers marinated in sweet vinegar sauce.
            • Goma-Ae
              Blanched spinach salad served with sweet sesame dressing.
            • Hot and Sour Soup
              Vegetable soup with egg and tofu(spicy).
            • House Salad
              Green salad with house Signature ginger dressing.
            • Ika Sansai
              Shredded squid and radish with ponzu sauce.
            • Ika Sansai(Spicy)
              Shredded squid and radish served with ponzu sauce,chill oil.
            • Miso Soup
              Soybean soup with seaweed ,tofu and scallions.
            • Sauteed Bok Choy
              Bok choy sautéed with Garlic.
            • Sauteed Broccoli
            • Sauteed Spinach
            • Seaweed Salad
              Assorted seaweed and cucumbers with sweet vinegar sauce.
            • Large Hot Sour Soup
            • Large Miso
          • Specialty Rolls
              • 2 in 1 Roll
                Fried avocado,cilantro,jalapeno rolled with your choice of tuna,salmon,hamachi or super white tuna,served with our famous chicago fire sauce.
              • 2011 Roll
                Spicy salmon,scallions,crunch crumbs topped with seared tuna,tobiko.served with unagi sauce,wasabi mayo.
              • 2012 Roll
                Super white tuna,cilantro rolled with tuna,avocado,mango.served with unagi sauce.
              • 2013 Roll
                Tuna,lettuce,crunch crumbs,avocado topped with spicy tuna.served with sriracha sauce.
              • 2014 Roll
                Spicy tuna,avocado,topped with tuna,jalapeño,sliced lemon,unagi sauce rolled with black rice.
              • 8948 Roll
                Avocado,kanikama,cream cheese,soy paper topped with tuna salmon.served with unagi sauce,wasabi mayo.
              • Aloha Albacore Roll
                Spicy tuna,kanikama rolled with super white tuna,sprinkled tuna flakes,tobiko served with wasabi mayo and ponzu sauce.
              • Amazon
                unagi,kanikama,cilantro,jalapeno,avocado served with unagi sauce and sriracha sauce.
              • Baja Roll
                Fried soft shell crab,cilantro,avocado,rolled with soy paper.served with spicy mayo,sriracha sauce on the side.
              • Double Spicy Roll
                Spicy Octopus,crunch crumbs topped with spicy tuna.served with unagi sauce.
              • Forbidden City
                Spicy tuna,lettuce,topped with unagi,ebi and unagi sauce.rolled with black rice.
              • Geisha rl
                Tempura shrimp,spicy scallop,rolled with wasabi tobiko.
              • Harvest Roll
                Tempura shrimp,avocado,mango rolled with black rice.
              • Haunted house roll
                Crispy soft shell crab,avocado,lettuce ,spicy mayo rolled with black rice,tobiko.
              • Hawaii Roll
                Unagi,cucumber,spicy mayo rolled with avocado,mango,crunch crumbs.served with unagi sauce.
              • Kokoro rl
                Spicy tuna,mango,asparagus,jalapeno,crunch crumbs,rolled with soy paper,served with unagi sauce.
              • Maya Tofu Dragon
                Japanese fried tofu,cucumber with avocado on top.served with sesame sauce.
              • Midori Lady
                Super white tuna,mango,soy paper rolled with avocado,crunch crumbs,wasabi mayo.
              • Poseidon Roll
                Ebi,Kanikama,Spicy mayo,Green onions,Crunch Crumbs,Tuna,Super white tuna,Avocado,Flying fish roe,Unagi sauce.
              • Sanya Roll
                Shrimp Tempura,cucumber,spicy mayo with seared scallop and tobiko,scallions,served with sriracha and unagi sauce.
              • Sexy Mexican Roll
                Shrimp tempura,kanikama,cilantro,guacamole sauce,sriracha served with ponzu sauce.
              • Spicy Crab Cake Roll
                Tuna and avocado roll topped with mini crab cakes.
              • Spring Step Roll
                Negihamachi,avocado,cilantro,ponzu sauce,with jalapeño on top.
              • Turtle Roll
                Unagi,avocado,lettuce,crunch crumbs,ebb,flying fish roe.
              • Westmont Roll
                Tuna,kanikama,avocado,wasabi tobiko,spicy mayo rolled with soy paper.
              • White Dragon
                Shrimp tempura,avocado,cilantro,,super white tuna,salmon roe.
              • Wild Roll
                Spicy tuna,Hamachi topped with crunch crumbs,masago served with spicy mayo,wasabi mayo,sriracha sauce.
              • Sweet potato rl
                Fried sweet potato.
              • Fire Dragon Roll
              • Futo Maki
              • Jumbo Futo Maki
            • Sushi
                • Ebi Sushi
                • Hamachi Sushi
                  Yellow tail
                • Ika Sushi
                • Inari Sushi
                  Fried tofu
                • Kanikama Sushi
                  Crab stick
                • King Salmon Sushi
                • Masago Sushi
                  Smelt roe
                • Saba Sushi
                • Beni Toro Sushi
                  Fatty salmon
                • Salmon Sushi(Fresh)
                • Salmon Sushi(Smoked)
                • Shiro Maguro Sushi
                • Super W Tuna Sushi
                • Suzuki Sushi
                  Sea Bass
                • Tai Sushi
                  Red Snapper
                • Tako Sushi
                • Tamago Sushi
                • Tobiko, Black Sushi
                  Flying fish roe
                • Tobiko, Green Sushi
                  Flying fish roe
                • Tobiko, Red Sushi
                  Flying fish roe
                • Tuna Sushi
                • Unagi Sushi
                • Uzura Sushi
                  Quail egg
                • Cut1\2
              • Makimono Rolls
                  • Alaskan Roll
                    Boiled salmon,avocado and cucumber.
                  • Avocado rl
                  • Best West Roll
                    Tuna,crunch,avocado,cilantro toped with salmon jalapeño.
                  • California Roll
                    Crab stick,avocado,cucumber,and masago.
                  • Caterpilar Roll
                    Shrimp tempura,cucumber,spicy mayo inside,toped with eel and avocado.
                  • Chicago Summer Roll
                    Tuna,tamago,lettuce ,soy paper,topped with salmon,avocado,dipped in a wasabi dressing.
                  • Crunchy Roll
                    Shrimp tempura,cucumber,spicy mayo,crunch crumbs with masago outside.
                  • Cucumber rl
                  • Dragon Roll
                    Eel,cucumber,masago topped with avocado.
                  • Ebi Ten Roll
                    Shrimp tempura,cucumber,avocado.
                  • Godzilla Roll
                    Shrimp tempura,masago,cream cheese,cucumber ,avocado with crunch crumbs outside.served with unagi sauce and wasabi mayo.
                  • Green-River Roll
                    Eel,tamago,avocado,sriracha sauce.
                  • Kappa Roll
                    Cucumber and Avocado.
                  • Mixed Veg. Roll
                    Cucumber,Avocado,pickled vegetable.
                  • Negihamachi Roll
                    Yellowtail with green onions.
                  • Philadelphia Roll
                    Smoked Salmon,green onions and Cream cheese.
                  • Rainbow Roll
                    Five kinds fish roll.
                  • Raw Power Roll
                    Spicy tuna,cilantro,avocado inside. topped with black tobiko.
                  • Salmon Roll
                  • Salmon Skin Roll
                    BBQ Salmon skin,cucumber,Radish Sprout Served with Unagi sauce.
                  • Scorpion Roll
                    Fried calamari,Smelt roe,Radish sprouts.served with siracha sauce.
                  • Spicy Hamachi Roll
                    Yellowtail,green onions in spicy sauce.
                  • Spicy Salmon Roll
                    Fresh Salmon.cucumber in spicy sauce.
                  • Spicy Tuna Roll
                    Tuna in spicy sauce.
                  • Spider Roll
                    Deep Fried Soft shell crab,cucumber,avocado ,masago.
                  • Tekka Roll
                    Tuna roll
                  • Temptunava Roll
                    Shrimp tempura,cucumber,spicy mayo rolled with Tuna avocado.served with unagi sauce.
                  • Unagi Roll
                    Eel,cucumber served with unagi sauce.
                  • Volcano Roll
                    Fresh Salmon,white fish,crab stick rolled with mayo baked.
                  • Spring Step Roll.
                    Yellowtail,cilantro,siracha sauce with jalapeño on top.served with ponzu sauce.
                  • Ebi Q Roll
                    Cooked shrimp with cucumber & avocado.
                • Combinations
                    • Sashimi & Sushi Combo
                      Chef's choice of 9 piece sashimi,4 piece sushi,1 california roll.
                    • Sushi Deluxe
                      Chef's choice of 10 piece sushi and 1 California roll.
                    • Sushi Matsu
                      Chef's choice of 8 piece sushi and 1 tuna roll.
                    • Tuna poke bowl
                    • Unagi Don
                  • Entrees
                      • Broiled Ocean Salmon
                      • Chicken Katsu
                      • Curry Chicken
                      • D-Beef Negimaki
                      • D-Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura
                      • D-Teriyaki Chicken
                      • D-Teriyaki Salmon
                      • D-Teriyaki Steak
                      • D-Vegetable Tempura
                      • Eggplant Stew
                      • Fried Rice( Beef)
                      • Fried Rice( Chicken)
                      • Fried Rice( Combo)
                      • Fried Rice( Pork)
                      • Fried Rice (Shrimp)
                      • Fried Rice (Vegetable)
                      • Honeymoon Chicken
                      • Honey Moon Shrimp
                      • Kung Pao Chicken
                      • Kung Pao 2 Delight
                      • Hot and Spicy Scallops
                      • Ma Po Tofu
                      • Mango Shrimp
                      • Pine Nut Fish
                      • Pine Nut Shrimp
                      • Sesame Chicken
                      • Szechwan Grouper
                      • Kungpao Shrimp
                      • Chicken Brocoli
                    • Bento Box
                        • D-Box Steak teriyaki
                          Steak teriyaki,Shrimp and vegetable tempura,California roll.include white rice.
                        • D-Box Chicken Teriyaki
                          Chicken teriyaki, Shrimp and vegetables tempura, California roll.include white rice.
                        • D-Box Veggie
                          Goma Ae,cucumber & avocado roll,Agedashi tofu,vegetables tempura . include white rice.
                      • Noodles
                          • Chicken & Veggie Noodle
                            Chicken sautéed with noodles & vegetables.
                          • Dan Dan Noodles
                            A favorite Szechwan street food.Scallions,pork stir-fried with hot sesame and peanut sauce served over a bed of hot noodles .garnished with shredded vegetables.
                          • Nabeyaki Soba
                            Buckwheat noodles,spinach ,seaweed,scallions and egg in a seasoned hot broth. with shrimp tempura & vegetables.
                          • Nabeyaki Udon
                            Thick noodles,spinach,seaweed,scallions and egg in a seasoned hot broth.with shrimp tempura .
                          • Niku Soba
                            Thin buckwheat noodles in a seasoned hot broth,served with finely sliced beef and onions.
                          • Niku Udon
                            Thick noodles in a seasoned hot broth with finely sliced beef and onions.
                          • Seafood Noodles
                            Noodles covered with stir-fried scallops ,shrimp ,white fish and crab stick.
                          • Tempura Soba
                            Thin buckwheat noodles in a seasoned hot both,served with shrimp and vegetable tempura.
                          • Tempura Udon
                            Thick noodles in a seasoned hot both,served with shrimp and vegetable tempura.
                          • Veggie Noodle
                            Sautéed vegetables and noodles.
                          • Plain Udon
                            Thick noodles in a seasoned hot broth with seaweed and green onions.
                          • Shrimp And Veggies Noodle
                            Sautéed shrimp with seasonal vegetables and noodles.
                        • Kids Menu
                            • Kids Sushi Combination
                              1 California roll(no fish egg),4 pieces sushi:1 Shrimp,1 Crab stick,1Tamago,1 Inari.
                            • Kids Noodles
                              Chicken and vegetables stir-fried.
                            • Kids Box - Steak
                              4 oz Steak teriyaki,2 pc sweet potato and 2 pc broccoli tempura,6 pc cucumber roll.
                            • Kids Box - Chicken
                              Chicken teriyaki,2 pc sweet potato and 2 pc broccoli tempura, 6 pc cucumber roll.
                            • Kids Box - Salmon
                              Salmon teriyaki,2 pc sweet potato and 2 pc broccoli tempura,6 pc cucumber roll.
                          • Dessert
                              • Chocolate Lava Cake
                              • Green Tea Ice Cream
                              • Mochi Ice Cream
                              • Mochi Ice Cream (4)
                              • Red Bean Ice Cream
                              • Vanilla Ice Cream
                            • Side Orders
                                • Eel Sauce
                                • Ginger dressing(Large)
                                • Ginger dressing(Small)
                                • Ponzu sauce
                                • Side Ginger
                                • Side Ginger.
                                • Spicy Mayo
                                • Soy Sauce
                                • Spicy Sauce
                                • Teriyake Sauce Small
                                • Side Crunch
                              • Extra
                                  • Extra
                                  • Extra wasabi
                                  • Extra ginger
                                  • Extra sauce
                                  • Extra sauce on the side
                                  • Extra Ginger
                                  • Open Item
                                  • Bottle Soy Sauce
                                • RICE
                                    • Sushi Rice
                                    • White Rice
                                    • Black Rice
                                  • Sushi bar
                                      • Aki Roll GF
                                      • Boston roll GF
                                      • Chirashi GF
                                      • EQ Roll GF
                                      • Rhaegal GF
                                      • Sashimi Dinner GF
                                      • Seaweed Salad GF
                                      • Signature Platter GF
                                      • Spring Step Roll GF
                                      • Sunny Roll GF
                                      • Sushi Matsu GF