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    Taco Rico Los 3 Gallos
    Too far to deliver

    Taco Rico Los 3 Gallos

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    Location and hours

    Monday - Saturday
    08:00 AM - 07:00 PM

    1524 South Main Street, Las Vegas, NV 89102 • More

    • Breakfast (Desayunos)

      • Breakfast Burrito

        Served with ham, bacon, or chorizo, eggs, and potatoes. (Con hamon, tocino o chorizo, huevos, y papas).
      • Chilaquiles

        Green or red and salsa ranchera. Served with rice and beans or potatoes and eggs. (Verdes o rojos, salsa ranchera. Servido arroz y frijoles o papas y huevos).
      • Steak and Eggs (Bisteck con Huevos)

        Steak, 2 eggs, and potatoes. (Bisteck, 2 huevos y papas).
      • Breakfast Plate (Plato de Desayuno)

        Eggs with ham or bacon. Served with rice and beans. (Huevos con hamon o tocino. Servido con arroz y frijoles).
    • Dinner Plates (Cenas)

      • Grilled Steak (Bisteck a la Plancha)

        Served with rice and beans. (Con arroz y frijoles).
      • Chilaquiles Steak (Chilaquiles Con Bisteck)

        Served with 2 eggs. (Con 2 huevos).
      • Pork Carnitas Michoacan Style (Carnitas Estilo Michoacan) (1 lb)

        Served with rice and beans. (Con arroz y frijoles).
      • Enchiladas

        With rice and bean. (Con arroz and frijoles).
    • Mains

      • Combo 2

        1 cheeseburger, fries, and 1 can soda.
      • Small Tacos (4)

        Served with beans, rice, and a medium drink. Choose 2 meats only Any kind of meats Asada, al pastor, carnitas, chicken, lengua, cachete, tripas, Barbacoa de res, birria de Chivo
    • Beverages (Bebidas)

      • Mexican Soda (Soda Mexicana)

      • Can Soda (Soda de Lata)

      • Fresh Flavored Water

    • Extras

      • Rice (Arroz)

      • Beans (Frijoles)

      • Guacamole

      • Tortilla Chips

      • Tortillas (1/2 Dozen)