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    18621 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701
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    11:00 AM - 09:00 PM

    Thali Express

    Himalayan • $
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    18621 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701
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    $ • Himalayan • Nepalese • Indian • Only available here
    • Chef's Special
        • Chole Bhature
          Deep fried bread with Chana Masala
        • Poori with Tarkari
          Deep fried whole bread served with mix vegetables
        • Bara (2 Pcs)
          Made with lental and server with meat barth
      • Express Thai
          • Vegetarian Thali
            Rice, deal, roti, palak, baigan bharta, or aloo gobi, salad, yoghurt and rait and dessert
          • Non Vegetarian Thali
        • Rice
            • Plain White Rice
            • Peas Pulao
            • Vegetarian Biryani
            • Chicken Dum Biryani
            • Goat Biryani
            • Lamb Biryani
            • Shrimp Biryani
          • Desserts
              • Gulab Jamun
                Golden fried cheese balls served in rose flavoured sugar syrup
              • Kheer
                Rice slow cooked into milk and green cardamom
            • Non Vegetarian Curry
                • Chicken Curry
                  Mildly spiced cooked boneless chicken into tomato and onion gravy
                • Chicken Vindaloo
                  Hot and Tangry style cooked with fried potatoes garnished with cilantro
                • Chicken Jourma
                  Mildly spiced chicken mix
                • Butter Ckicken
                  Tender roasted shredded
                • Chicken Tikka Masala
                • Goat Curry (with Bone)
                  Goat cubes slow cooking into himalayan spices and union and tomato
                • Goat Karahi
                  Goat meat with onion bell pepper cooked into chef secret spices
                • Goat Kourma
                  Pieces of goat cooked into coconut gravy blend with mild spices
                • Lamb Curry
                  Lamb meat cooked into himalayan spices and onion and tomato
                • Lamb Chilli Masala
                • Lamb Madrass with Coconut
                • Lamb Tikka Masala
                • Chicken Curry with Coconut
                • Shrimp Masala
              • Vegetarian Curry
                  • Vegetarian Kourma
                  • Bhindi Masala
                  • Malai Kofta
                  • Palak Paneer
                  • Paneer Makhani
                  • Mutter Paneer
                  • Daal Fry
                  • Daal Makhani
                  • Baigon Bharta (Egg Plant Curry)
                    Eggplant simmered into roasted sesame and peanut onion sauce
                  • Aloo Gobi
                    Potatoes and cauliflower cooked into a mixed of spices
                  • Chana Masala
                • Indo Chinese Food
                    • Chicken Fried Rice
                    • Shrimp Fried Rice
                    • Egg Fried Rice
                    • Vegetarian Fried Rice
                    • Chicken Noodles
                    • Shrimp Noodles
                    • Egg Noodles
                    • Vegetarian Noodles
                  • Dosas
                      • Plain Dosa
                        Plain crepe made of rice and lentils
                      • Butter Dosa
                        Crepe stuffed with perfection in butter
                      • Masala Dosa
                        Crepe stuffed with spaced potatoes and vegetables
                      • Mysore Masala Dosa
                        crepe layered with hot chutney filled with masala
                      • Cheese Dosa
                        Crepe stuffed with Cheese
                    • Tandoori Items
                        • Tandoori Chicken (Chicken with Bone)
                        • Chicken Tikka Masala
                        • Malai Chicken
                        • Boti Kabab
                        • Lamb Seekh Kabob
                        • Fish Tikka
                        • Tandoori Shrimp
                      • Naan
                          • Plain Naan
                          • Butter Naan
                          • Garlic Naan
                          • Onion Naan
                          • Cheese Naan
                          • Tandoori Naan
                          • Paratha
                          • Chicken Naan
                          • Chapati
                        • Himalayan Nepal Items
                            • Chicken Momo
                            • Chicken Jhol Momo
                            • Vegetarian Momo
                            • Vegetarian Jhol Momo
                            • Vegetarian Sea Momo
                            • Khasi Ko Masu
                            • Khukhura Ko Masu
                          • Sekuwa
                              • Chicken Sekuwa
                              • Chicken Sekuwa Set
                              • Mutton Sekuwa
                              • Mutton Sekuwa Set
                            • Drinks
                                • Mango Lassi
                                • Salt Lassi
                                • Sweat Lassi
                                • Orange Juice
                                • Black Coffee
                                • Madras Coffee
                                • Masala Tea
                                • Lemon Tea
                                • Soda
                              • Vegetarian Appetizers
                                  • Samosa (2pcs)
                                    Crispy turnovers stuffed with veggies
                                  • Samosa with Chaat
                                    Onions and potatoes with dahi and mena chatani
                                  • Vegetarian Mix Pakoda
                                    Onions and potatoes with flower mix
                                  • Chilli Paneer
                                    Home made cottage cheese sauteed with onions bell pepper with special sauce
                                  • Gobi Manchurian
                                    Cauliflower marinated with special sauce and sauteed
                                  • Spring Roll
                                  • Aloo Tikki
                                  • Aloo Tikki with Chaat
                                  • Medu Voda
                                    Deep fried lentil served with chutney
                                  • Dahi Bada
                                  • Dry Papaadd with Chutney
                                • Non Vegetarian Appetizers
                                    • Chicken Lolly Pop (6 pcs)
                                    • Chicken Manchurion
                                      Fried boneless chicken toasted with manchurian sauce
                                    • Fish Fry
                                      Boneless fish marinated with special spices and deep fried
                                    • Gon Shrimp Fry
                                    • Chicken
                                      Spiced boneless chicken marinated and deep friedn with onions