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    Location and hours

    550 Cedar Street, San Diego, CA 92101
    Sunday - Thursday
    11:00 AM - 08:30 PM
    Friday - Saturday
    11:00 AM - 09:30 PM

    Yama Sushi Bar & Poke

    4.8 (28 ratings) • Asian • $
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    550 Cedar Street, San Diego, CA 92101
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    $ • Asian • Japanese • Sushi
    • Picked for you
        • Spicy Tuna Roll
          Spicy tuna and cucumber.
        • Salmon Nigiri
        • Yellowtail Nigiri
        • Shrimp Tempura Roll
          Avocado, cucumber, krab, and shrimp tempura wrapped in soy paper.
        • Philly Roll
          Cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, and smoke salmon.
      • Appetizers
          • Miso Soup
          • Gyoza
          • Edamame
          • Garlic Edamame
          • Spicy Garlic Edamame
          • Softshell Crab
          • Vegetable Tempura
          • Mixed Shrimp Tempura
          • Seaweed Salad
          • Calamari
          • Sunomono
          • Shishito Peppers
        • Salads
            • Zesty Cedar Salad
              Mix springs with sweet, spicy, and citrus sauce with marinated salmon and albacore.
            • Maguro Salad
              Microgreens, cucumber, tomatoes, seaweed, red onions, house sauce, and spicy aioli with marinated maguro.
            • Rainbow Salad
              Mix springs, avocado, mangoes, and sesame dressing with assorted marinated fish.
            • Shito Salad
              Lettuce, carrots, avocado, cucumber, and red onions with mustard sauce, and marinated albacore.
            • Tazminian Salad
              Seaweed, avocado, red onions, ginger dressing dashi, ponzu, black tobiko, and truffle oil with marinated bluefin tuna and salmon.
            • Hamachi Kama Salad
              Mixed greens, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and soybeans topped with a marinated oven baked kama.
          • Nigiri
              • Blue Fin Tuna Nigiri
              • Yellowtail Nigiri
              • Salmon Nigiri
              • Eel Nigiri
              • Smoke Salmon Nigiri
              • Tobiko Nigiri
              • Albacore Nigiri
              • Scallops Nigiri
              • Masago Nigiri
              • Ebi Nigiri
              • Ikura Nigiri
              • Octopus Nigiri
              • Tamago Nigiri
            • Sashimi
                • Blue Fin Sashimi
                • Salmon Sashimi
                • Yellowtail Sashimi
                • Albacore Sashimi
                • Eel Sashimi
                • Octopus Sashimi
              • Sashimi Specials
                • Bluefin Special Sashimi
                • Salmoncado Sashimi
                • Baja Yellowtail Sashimi
                • Pinche Scallops
                • Seared Blue Fin Sashimi
                  Seared bluefin served in house pinche sauce.
                • Sesame Albacore Sashimi
                  Albacore topped off with sesame seeds finished with spicy mustard sauce.
                • Albacore Avocado Sashimi
                  Avocado, wasabi mayonnaise, red tobiko, and ponzu sauce on top of green mix.
                • Zesty Yellowtail Sashimi
                  Avocado, cerrano and yellow tobiko on top.
                • Scallops Sashimi
                  Sweet chili sauce and cilantro aioli with wasabi tobiko.
              • Sushi Bowl
                  • Don Chirashi
                    Salmon, octopus, yellowtail, bluefin tuna, ikura, and tamago.
                  • Salmon & Ikura Bowl
                • Poke
                    • Rainbow Poke
                      Marinated assorted fish with poke sauce, avo, furikake, and pickled shishito peppers.
                    • Blue Fin Poke
                      Tuna marinated with house sauce, seaweed salad, and red onions.
                    • B&s Poke
                      Blue fin and salmon marinated special aioli house sauce, pickled cucumber, krab, special tuna, seaweed salad, and microgreens.
                    • Yellowtail Cilantro Poke
                      Yellowtail marinated with jalapeno cilantro aioli sauce, red cabbage, pickled cucumber, avocado, and soybeans.
                  • Basic Rolls
                      • Cali Roll
                        Krab, avocado, and cucumber.
                      • Spicy Tuna Roll
                        Spicy tuna and cucumber.
                      • Philly Roll
                        Cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, and smoke salmon.
                      • Veggie Roll
                        Avocado, cucumber, and yamagobo.
                      • Shrimp Tempura Roll
                        Avocado, cucumber, krab, and shrimp tempura wrapped in soy paper.
                      • Spider Roll
                        Avo, cucumber, soft shell crab, and krab wrapped in soy paper.
                      • Crunchy Roll
                        Avocado, cream cheese, krab, and shrimp tempura topped off with crunchies, special, mayonnaise and eel sauce.
                      • Rainbow Roll
                        Cali roll.
                      • Caterpillar Roll
                        Cucumber, eel, and krab.
                      • Dragon Roll
                        Shrimp tempura, and krab.
                    • Speciality Rolls
                        • El Fuego Roll
                          Avo, asparagus, and shrimp tempura. Top spicy tuna, jalapeno garlic aioli, and eel sauce.
                        • Crunchy Caliente
                          Special tuna, shrimp tempura, and cucumbers. Top avo, tuna, serrano peppers, smoke paprika, and eel sauce topped with crunchies.
                        • Showtime Roll
                          Special tuna, avo, cream cheese, and shrimp tempura. Top smoke salmon, lemon slices, green onions, eel sauce, sp mayonnaise, and ponzu.
                        • Baja Tuna Roll
                          Special tuna, avo, and softshell crab. Top tuna, lime, serrano peppers finish with ponzu, srriaracha, and microcilantro.
                        • Tuna Lover
                          Avo, special tuna, and shrimp tempura. Top blue fin tuna, jalapeno ponzu sauce, eel sauce crunchies, and micro cilantro.
                        • Tacolicious Roll
                          Shrimp tempura, special tuna, and cucucmber. Top avo, tuna, octupus, house sauce, eel sauce, black tobiko, and microcilantro.
                        • Crunchy Yellowtail
                          Salmon skin, shrimp tempura, cucumber, and avo. Top yellowtail, avo, serrano peppers, cilantro aioli, and eel sauce.
                        • Sakura Roll
                          Shrimp tempura, krab, and avo. Top salmon, lemon slices, ponzu, special mayonnaise, and microcilantro.
                        • Pu Ta Roll
                          Special tuna, shrimp tempura roll, and asparagus. Top yellowtail, avo, lemon slices, sweet chili sauce, rayu, and microgreen.
                        • Yum Yum Roll
                          Special krab, shrimp tempura, and cucumber. Top tuna, scallops, lemon slices, jalapenos, special mayonnaise, eel, and microcilantro.
                        • Gordo Roll (Fried)
                          Special krab, softshell crab, and avo. Top popcorn yellowtail, sp mayonnaise, trufle oil, garlic roasted chips, and microgreens.