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    Spices 3

    4.8 (200+ ratings) • Chinese • $
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    370 12th St, Oakland, CA 94607
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    $ • Chinese • Asian • Asian Fusion • Family Friendly
    • Picked for you
      • 四豆 Braised String Beans
      • 粗炒 Shanghai Fat Noodle
      • 茄子 Eggplant in Garlic Sauce
      • 辣炒饭 Spicy Fried Rice
      • 芥牛 Beef w/Broccoli
    • Appetizers 开胃菜
      • 油饼 Scallion Pancake
      • 麻黄瓜 Spicy Cucumbers
        Spicy 辣
      • 抄手 Wontons in Red Oil
        Spicy 辣
      • 盐鱿 Salt &Pepper Calamari
        Spicy 辣
      • 盐鸡 Salt &Pepper Chicken
        Spicy, stir-fry with basil, jalapeno, and onion.
        辣味, 炒罗勒, 墨西哥辣椒及洋葱。
        Spicy 辣
      • 凉黄瓜 Marinated Cucumbers
        Tossed with sesame oil and garlic, refreshing.
        配芝麻油及蒜, 清新。
      • 夫片 Hot Spicy Beef
        spicy Beef tripe, been tendon, beef meat cold appetizer thinly sliced. 牛筋及牛肉凉菜薄切。
        Spicy 辣
      • 泡菜 Pickled Vegetables
        Kimchee pickled vegetables. Spicy and sour appetizer.
        Spicy 辣
      • 牛腱 Beef Shank w/Five Spices
        Thinly sliced beef shank with sesame oil.
      • 耳片 Spicy Pig Ear
        Spicy. Cold appetizer thinly sliced in red oil.
        Spicy 辣
      • 麻牛筋 Spicy Beef Tendon
        Cold appetizer thinly sliced beef tendon. Numbing spicy.
        Spicy 辣
      • 盐付 Salt &Pepper Tofu
        Spicy, fried tofu sauteed with basil, jalapenos, and onion.
        辣味, 炸豆腐炒罗勒, 墨西哥辣椒及洋葱。
        vegetarian and spicy 素及辣
      • 盐排 Salt &Pepper Pork Chop
        Spicy. with jalapeño basil and onion
        Spicy 辣
      • 炸排 Taiwanese Pork Chop
        Garlic marinated fried pork chop.
      • 棒豆鱼 Tofu Pockets w/Sesame Sauce
        Cold Appetizer. Spicy Bean sprouts wrapped with tofu skin.
      • 凉粉 Mung Bean Noodle
        Szechuan cold jelly noodles with spicy vinegar garlic sauce.
        vegetarian and spicy 素及辣
      • 炸豆腐 Deep Fried Tofu
        Simple deep-fried tofu with garlic sauce.
    • Soups 汤
        • 酸辣汤小 Hot&Sour Soup
          Soup contains egg, tofu, bamboo shoots, and mu-er.
          汤包含鸡蛋, 豆腐, 竹笋及木耳。
          Spicy 辣
        • 雪菜付更小 Pickled Veg Tofu Soup
          Chowder like soup, vegetarian with tofu, egg, and pickled veggie.
          羹像汤, 素食配豆腐, 鸡蛋及雪菜。
        • 小云汤 Wor Wonton Soup
          Pork wonton with chicken, pork, shrimp and vegetables in soup.
          猪肉云吞配鸡肉, 猪肉, 虾及蔬菜汤。
        • 酸鱼汤小 Cabbage Fish Soup
          Fish fillet soup with sour pickled vegetables and spicy flavor, serves great appetite.
          鱼片汤配酸菜及辣口味, 令人食欲大增。
          Spicy 辣
        • 煎蛋汤小 Fried Egg Soup
          Fried egg with mixed veggie soup.
      • House Specialties 招牌菜
        • 水鱼 Fish in Red Oil
          Spicy 辣
        • 重鸡 Spicy Chicken Wings
          Spicy 辣
        • 陈鸡 Orange Chicken
          Mild Spicy 微辣
        • 芝鸡 Sesame Chicken
        • 孜羊 Lamb Cumin Spice
          Spicy 辣
        • 香鸭 Crispy Duck
        • 茶鸭 Tea Smoked Duck
        • 小羊排 Spicy Lamb Ribs
        • 回肉 Twice Cooked Bacon
        • 西腊肉 Chinese Smoked Bacon
          Spicy 辣
        • 豆腐王 Mixed Tofu
          Iron Pot mixed tofu with Tofu skin, fried tofu, bean curd, and bean sprouts.
          豆腐皮, 炸豆腐, 豆腐及芽菜。
          Spicy 辣
        • 芝牛 Sesame Beef
          breaded beef in sweet sauce with sesame and broccoli.
        • 重付 Spicy Explosive Tofu
          Spicy fried tofu with red chili peppers. Fried tofu, crispy and soft.
          Spicy 辣
        • 重鱼 Spicy Fish Fillet
          with explosive chili pepper. Fried crispy fish fillet in bed of red dry chili.
          Spicy 辣
        • 剁鱼 Mixed Chili Fish
          Fish fillet in Spicy Hunan flavor mixed with ginger, garlic, red chili and green chili sauce.
          辣湖南口味配姜, 酸, 辣椒及青辣椒酱。
          Spicy 辣
        • 剁付 Mixed Chili Tofu
          Spicy Hunan flavor mixed with ginger, garlic, red chili and green chili sauce.
          辣湖南口味配姜, 蒜, 辣椒及青辣椒酱。
          Spicy 辣
        • 剁茄 Mixed Chili Eggplant
          Spicy Hunan flavor mixed with ginger, garlic, red chili and green chili sauce.
          辣湖南口味配姜, 蒜, 辣椒及青辣椒酱。
          Spicy 辣
        • 沸鱼 Fei Tang Fish
          Numbing broth with seaweed, bean sprouts, and vermicelli. Mild spicy.
          麻辣汤配海带, 芽菜及粉丝。微辣。
          Mild Spicy 微辣
      • Seafood Dishes 海鲜
        • 豆腐鱼 Fish Filet w/Tofu
          Spicy 辣
        • 干烧鱼 Dry Braised Fish Fillet
          Spicy 辣
        • 豆瓣鱼 Szechuan Fish
          Spicy 辣
        • 泡椒鱿鱼 Calamari /Pickled Pepper
          Spicy 辣
        • 醋鱼 Sweet &Sour Fish
          Breaded crispy fish fillet with sweet and sour sauce.
        • 九鱿 Calamari w/Basil
          non fried calamari, Sauteed with basil, chinese leeks, and jalapeño. mild
          炒罗勒, 韭葱及墨西哥辣椒。
        • 什菜虾 Mix Veggie w/Shrimp
          Assorted veggies are bak choy, cabbage, mushroom, and carrots.
          什锦蔬菜有白菜, 包菜, 蘑菇及胡萝卜。
        • 宫鱿 Kung Pao Calamari
          With broccoli and peanuts in savory spicy sweet sauce.
        • 干烧虾 Dry Braised Shrimp
          With slightly spicy sauce, with garlic, onion, and broccoli.
          配少量辣酱, 配蒜, 葱及芥兰。
          Spicy 辣
        • 宫虾 Kung Pao Shrimp
          With broccoli and peanuts in savory spicy sweet sauce.
          Spicy 辣
        • 泡椒鱼 Fish/Pickled Pepper
          Spicy fish fillet With red pickled peppers, spicy and sour.
          配红辣椒, 辣及酸。
          Spicy 辣
        • 回鱼 Twice Cooked Fish
          Spicy crispy fish fillet with bean curd, jalapeno, and chinese leeks.
          炒豆腐, 墨西哥辣椒及韭菜。辣。
          Spicy 辣
      • Meat Dishes 肉类
        • 咕鸡 Sweet &Sour Chicken
        • 咕肉 Sweet &Sour Pork
        • 芥牛 Beef w/Broccoli
        • 宫鸡 Kung Pao Chicken
        • 酱爆鸡 Chicken Mandarin Sauce
        • 四川小炒 Szechuan Pork
          Spicy 辣
        • 水鸡 Chicken in Red Oil
          Spicy 辣
        • 麻付 Ma-Po Tofu
          Spicy 辣
        • 蒙牛 Mongolian Beef
        • 什菜鸡 Mix Veggies w/Chicken
        • 独蒜牛筋 Beef Tendon Stew
        • 咖喱鸡 Curry Chicken
          Spicy 辣
        • 烂糊白菜 Napa Cabbage
        • 鱼香鸡 Chicken in Garlic
        • 板鸡 Chicken w/Basil
          Sauteed with basil, chinese leeks, and jalapenos. Slightly spicy.
          Mild Spicy 微辣
        • 芥鸡 Chicken w/Broccoli
        • 板牛 Beef Sautéed w/Basil
          Sauteed with basil, chinese leeks, and jalapenos. Slightly spicy.
        • 鸡粒玉米 Chicken w/Corn
          Stir fried-minced chicken with corn, peas and carrots.
          炒鸡肉碎配玉米, 豌豆及胡萝卜。
        • 蘑菇鸡 Mushroom Chicken
        • 鱼香肉丝 Pork in Garlic Sauce
          With vinegar, wood ear, bamboo shoot, and bell pepper.
          配醋, 木耳, 竹笋及青椒。
        • 什菜牛 Mixed Veggie w/Beef
          Assorted veggies are bak choy, cabbage, mushroom, and carrots.
          什锦蔬菜有白菜, 包菜, 蘑菇及胡萝卜。
      • Vegetarian Dishes 蔬菜
        • A菜 Chinese Watercress
        • 风付 Tofu w/Garlic
        • 四豆 Braised String Beans
        • 茄子 Eggplant in Garlic Sauce
        • 苍头 Diced String Beans
        • 土豆丝 Potato Strips
          Spicy 辣
        • 家常豆腐 Family Style Tofu
          Spicy 辣
        • 小白菜 Green Bok-Choi
        • 冬菜 Bok Choy Mushroom
        • 素才 Mixed Vegetable
        • 红烧豆腐 Brown Braised Tofu
        • 包心菜 First Burst! Cabbage
        • 毛豆百叶 Bow-Tie Tofu
        • 咖喱付 Curry Tofu
          Spicy 辣
        • 板付 Tofu w/Basil
          Spicy fried tofu with basil, jalapenos, and leeks. Spicy.
          Spicy 辣
        • 水付 Tofu in Red Oil
          Spicy tofu in red oil with vegetables.
          Spicy 辣
        • 宫付 Kung Pao Tofu
          Fried tofu with peanuts and broccoli.
        • 竹生腐 Bamboo Skin w/Tofu
      • Noodles and Rice 饭面类
        • 辣炒面 Spicy Chow Mein
          Spicy 辣
        • 辣炒饭 Spicy Fried Rice
          Spicy 辣
        • 辣素炒面 Vegetarian Chow Mein
          vegetarian and spicy 素及辣
        • 辣素炒饭 Vegetarian Fried Rice
          vegetarian and spicy 素及辣
        • 粗炒 Shanghai Fat Noodle
        • 凉面 Cold Sesame Noodle
          vegetarian and spicy 素及辣
        • 排面 PorkChop Noodle Soup
        • 年糕 Rice Cake
        • 星米 Singaporean Rice Noodle
          Spicy 辣
        • 海鲜面 Seafood Noodle Soup
          Spicy 辣
        • 排饭 Pork Chop Over Rice
          Marinated pork chop over rice with bok choy, tofu, and egg.
          腌制猪排饭配白菜, 豆腐及鸡蛋。
        • 辣炒米 Spicy Rice Noodle
          Very Thin Spicy rice noodles. Stir-fried with chicken, pork, and shrimp.
          细米粉。炒鸡肉, 猪肉及虾。
          Spicy 辣
        • 担面 Tan Tan Noodles
          Spicy sesame sauce noodles with minced pork.
          Spicy 辣
        • 沙牛面 Satay Beef Chow Mein
          Taiwanese style with satay sauce
        • 两面王 Pan Fry Crispy Noodle
          Hong kong pan-fry cripsy noodles with chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetables.
          香港两面黄炒鸡肉, 牛肉及虾。
        • 牛肉面 Beef Noodle Soup
          Spicy noodle broth with beef tendon and meat.
          Spicy 辣
      • Sides 单点
          • 白饭 White Rice
            Jasmine rice.
          • 糙米 Brown Rice
        • Beverages 饮料
            • 可乐 Coke
            • 无糖可乐 Diet Coke
            • 雪碧 Sprite
          Frequently asked questions

          What is the address of Spices 3 in Oakland?

          Spices 3 is located at: 370 12th St, Oakland, CA 94607, USA , Oakland

          Is the menu for Spices 3 available online?

          Yes, you can access the menu for Spices 3 online on Postmates. Follow the link to see the full menu available for delivery and pickup.

          What are the most popular items on the Spices 3 menu?

          The most ordered items from Spices 3 are: 白饭 White Rice, 抄手 Wontons in Red Oil, 陈鸡 Orange Chicken.

          Does Spices 3 offer delivery in Oakland?

          Yes, Spices 3 offers delivery in Oakland via Postmates. Enter your delivery address to see if you are within the Spices 3 delivery radius, then place your order.

          Can I get free delivery from Spices 3?

          Delivery fees for Spices 3 vary. Just enter your delivery address to see the delivery fee for your location. You could always get free delivery from Spices 3 with Postmates Unlimited.

          Can I pick up my order from Spices 3?

          Postmates offers pickup from many restaurants in your city. To see if you can pick up your order from Spices 3, add items to your cart and look for the ‘pickup’ option at checkout.

          Can I schedule a delivery order from Spices 3?

          Some restaurants on Postmates allow you to schedule a delivery to show up at your location when you want it. At checkout, look for the option to select a delivery time. If it’s there, that means you can schedule your delivery from Spices 3.